Sunday, November 16, 2014

In the late 1700s, this small, stone spring house was built.  In the lower level (below grade),
it still holds spring water.  For years, it served its purpose.  After my husband's
sister (along with her husband) purchased this old farm, they gutted the upper
levels and put their expertise and creativity to work, transforming the little spring house
into a cozy guest house. 

On Friday evening, my husband and I were invited to spend the night at the spring house.
We looked forward to the visit, especially since it had been many years since we had
stepped inside it's thick-stoned walls.

We also looked forward to our special visit because we knew the hospitality that
would be extended to us.  When we arrived, it was already dark and chilly outside.
As we walked down the old brick sidewalk to the front door, we were welcomed by
the soft lights that beckoned us to "come on in". 
Snow, from the evening before, still covered the evergreen branches on the tree outside. 
The country surroundings offered a peaceful quiet to the brisk night air.

An old, metal lantern burned by the front door.

We walked into a warm, cozy cottage, complete with wonderful smelling
candles burning on a wooden table, and a typed note welcoming us.  We were
both thrilled to have been invited to this very special "hide-away", on a cold November

Now remember, as you look at these pictures, that our brother-in-law and sister-in-law,
did all the restoration work themselves.  We found that to be amazing, since that is not
our expertise.  Soft music filled the room, and warm, comfy blankets were in abundance.

The massive stone fireplace had been there as long as the spring house itself,
although the stones had been repointed and it was given a good cleaning.
It was not yet in working order, but that will come in time.  For the time we were there,
a floor heater did it's job and warmth filled the room. 

The stonework on the fireplace, extended to the roof line.  The big mantel was decorated
tastefully, with old pieces and dried leaves.  I always enjoy seeing how people choose to
decorate, and what they use to do so.

A coffee center immediately drew my attention.  A bag of coffee, a homemade loaf of
pumpkin bread, and a good smelling cinnamon candle...what could be better!


The tiny, yet efficient kitchen, contained all that was necessary for a stay like ours, or even
an extended stay.  Everything was so clean and organized in the kitchen...

...and in the bathroom beside the kitchen.  I was impressed with my sister-in-law's
color scheme, never thinking of putting, green, white and purple together.  One
of my favorite parts of this spring house, was the deep, old window sills.  

Candles burning on the top shelf, added the perfect touch of ambience to the room.
Every ounce of space was utilized in this small, beautiful room.

We walked up the stairs and discovered this lovely loft bedroom, and sitting area.
Again, big, warm blankets were available, as was a very comfortable bed.  If you look
closely, you will see the stone fireplace wall on the other side of the white bannister.

This bed definitely offered a great night's sleep, which isn't always the case when one
sleeps away from home.

Interesting books graced the top of the dresser.

And a box filled with very old bottles, found in the attic of the house, gave an interesting
focal point to the upstairs room. 

Another deep window sill, held a small battery operated candle, adding a sense of
"welcome" to those inside and outside of it's walls.

A guest book, had signatures and words of thanks from many who had been fortunate
enough to have stayed within these walls.

After a great night's sleep, I opened the wooden blinds at the window, and this is the sight
that greeted me.  I could have stared for was breathtaking, especially with the
morning sunrise in the background.

And then, because our stay was a special gift to us, our sister-in-law greeted us with a hot
cooked breakfast in an old wooden box.  What a welcoming sight she was!  The
homemade baked blueberry oatmeal and fresh orange juice, tasted delicious!
Not only can she decorate old spring houses, she can cook, too!

 I liked how she filled old bottles with milk, cream, and ketchup.  A scoop of brown sugar
was served in an antique tin dish.  So much thought and kindness was put into everything
she did, making our visit most memorable.

Here you see the spring house in relation to the farmhouse, which (the farmhouse) is big enough for two families to call home. 

After breakfast, we spent time walking around the pond, along the rippling brook at the edge
of the meadow and sitting on the wooden porch.

I always enjoy seeing how gifted people take old places and, after adding their time and love, create such beautiful results.  That is exactly what this couple did, and we were blessed by it.

Thank you for stopping by today.  Your visits mean so much to me.


Liz said...

What a wonderful cozy place they have made! It is those little touches that make all the difference. I know my hubby and myself would love a place like this for a little get-away! Thanks for sharing.

Kim said...

Wow, what a really neat place and I love the decor! It seems like the perfect little fall getaway cottage for two! Do they rent the cottage out or just keep it for special guests? It looks like the teeny tiniest bed and breakfast (in a box!) I've ever seen!

Just a little something from Judy said...

It is a teeny, tiny guest house. They usually don't serve guests breakfast, but there are lots of great places nearby to eat. It is more of a hobby than a business. Sometimes people come and stay for months. However long one stays, it is one special getaway. said...

I feel like I've just read a great cozy book! What an absolute delight, Judy. I am such a sucker for restoring old into something beautiful, and that family has a real gift! I feel like I have shared their lovely hospitality. Perfect end to a cold but good Sunday. :)

Lea @ CiCis Corner said...

Oh, my goodness, what a warm and welcoming place. I just loved all the little touches and I can only imagine it is such a lovely retreat to whoever is blessed to stay there. Thanks for sharing!

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

Everything about your stay at this most lovely cottage was perfect. Your sister did an amazing job creating a beautiful and cozy place and certainly has the gift of hospitality.

Happy@Home said...

On this cold and rainy evening, I now feel warm and cozy. I can just imagine how pampered and loved you felt by being invited to such a lovely place. Your sister-in-law and brother-in-law did a beautiful job on the restoration and the decorating is so welcoming and pretty.
It seems that every detail was well thought out and your SIL looks so pretty arriving with the delicious breakfast.

Judy said...

Wow, how special is that! What a cozy and delightful little retreat! That was a most perfect and thoughtful gift for you...including the special-delivery breakfast. Love it!

lindsey said...

Oh my goodness Judy, this little place is perfect. I can just imagine how excited you were building up to your visit. Your sister in law and her husband have done an amazing job on this sweet property. Just the sort of place we would love to visit!In fact it does look quite 'English' :)

Anneliese said...

Such a lovely little guesthouse! I can see why you enjoyed it so much! I'm sure the hostess enjoyed your appreciation for the details too!

Christine said...

I came away, from looking and reading this post, all warm and cozy.
What a gift!

debi said...

How wonderful is that! Loved every special tough.
Thanks for stopping by and checking on me :-) in a blog funk I suppose.

Happy Thanksgiving

Kathleen said...

What a wonderful tour of an equally wonderful restoration. I love all things warm & cozy, and could almost smell the crisp air tinged with wood smoke.

I've concluded that you & everyone you know have talents the rest of us can but read about. I love the creative DNA that surfaces in so many different ways.

Wishing you & yours a wonderful Thanksgiving.



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