Monday, March 3, 2014

Thanks to Target's dollar bin, and the Fold 'N Fly box purchased there, we made 18 "cool"
airplanes, as we passed a few hours of time during the weekend.

Thanks to our favorite breakfast café, and the containers of crayons and paper menus
they offered upon arrival, we passed some more time.

And yes, this grandma allowed two of them to order their favorite "Lucky Charms" cereal
as their breakfast choice.  Eggs and French toast were choices of the other ones.

But, as their grandma, a favorite baked oatmeal, "mixed berry" with skim
milk, was my choice.  I can't tell you how delicious it tasted!

Saturday afternoon snack was provided by their mother.  I was told it is their favorite snack now.

She was exactly right!  They were thrilled with the snack.  You would be too,
if you tasted the combination.

Because of a massive ice storm a few weeks ago, and to alleviate the energy levels
within the children, we had them pick up as many sticks as they could find out
back, on Saturday morning.   I must say, they accumulated quite a huge pile.  Hence,
this "tree gift" for their parents.

We lined the kitchen table with newspaper.  We took a packet of wooden clothes pins,
some white glue, fine colored glitter, and some Q tips.  They (each one of the children),
painted the glue on the one side of the clothes pin, then sprinkled it with glitter, and
let it dry.  It did make me grateful for my trusty vacuum cleaner:)

What fun it was for me to see how much they enjoyed this simple homemade craft.

When the glue dried, they were given choices of stickers to decorate the pins.

Strategically, they placed each clothes pin onto their retrieved sticks tree.

I copied favorite pictures from their weekend stay for them to place on the tree.  Notice the
paper airplane creations they made on the above picture.

We took white tags, and asked each child what they most appreciated about their mom and
dad, and hung them on the tree.  The honesty of these little ones, still has me smiling.

The game of Jenga, provided suspense for the young and old alike.

Chocolate milk for a snack, thanks to a visit from our dairy farming friend.  They
voted it "the best" chocolate milk ever!

An afternoon reading session, kept the children spellbound:)

A memorable weekend for this set of grandparents, and definitely we were given a new
appreciation and admiration for the role of parenting.

Thanks for stopping by for the little something I had to share today.


Happy@Home said...

Although I am on a blogging break, I am compelled to cheat a little to comment on this post. I am so inspired after reading about this special weekend with your little grandchildren.
Each activity was so well thought out. Your idea for making the tree from gathered twigs is brilliant, Judy. Yesterday I spent some time collecting the twigs from my yard and can assure you I would have never thought of something this clever.
I can only imagine the happy smiles all around when the parents are presented with this extra special gift. I hope the camera is handy for this moment:).

debi said...

Precious memories each one..


Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

I can just feel that "little boy energy'! You seem to have found fun and effective ways to harness it. My children often chose Lucky Charms as their birthday cereal. We will have to try the salad dressing. Looks yummy! Thanks so much for the lovely comment!

Anneliese said...

Aw.. this looks like so much fun! You are so good at creating crafts. I am picking up four kids right away and trying to figure out what to do with them this afternoon. I like your stick tree and photos of the weekend pinned with on clothespins.

Anneliese said...

I also like that you are serving real cut up carrots. They taste better. Are they roasted?

Kathleen said...

I know of no one that thinks so quickly on their feet when it comes to entertaining children. I found myself grinning to witness your hubby getting in on the action. And I confess I love the Twig Tree Picture holder. Clever girl!

Just a little something from Judy said...

No Anneliese, I peeled them and sliced them. They tasted as good as they looked.

lindsey said...

I can see you all had a great time together. Craft is always a favourite with our grandchildren too and such a good way to pass the time. You have certainly picked up some great ideas here. Lucky Charms....our eldest son loves these (I do too)but they stopped selling them in the UK apart from in a few speciality shops where they are an extortionate price! so he occasionally gets a small tub in his Christmas stocking :)

Rick/Ruthie said...

What fun, creative projects you came up with to help pass the time! I thought of you lots on Saturday but didn't call you to tell you as I knew you were one busy woman!! said...

You are grandparents beyond measure!! What an incredible fun filled weekend you gave these little ones. I just am always so taken by your creativity Judy... and I'm betting those kids were too. I just love this!

Judy said...

Can I just click 'like' by every photo? A memorable time for your grands front start to finish.

Now you have me longing for mixed berry baked I recall the blueberry baked oatmeal I enjoyed when I was in your part of the world!

corners of my life said...

These kiddos must just LOVE spending time with you . . .

The captivated readers photo is priceless.


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