Monday, October 22, 2012


We gathered at a local park on Saturday, to celebrate the birthday of two special little guys.
Picnics are casual events with our family, especially when dealing with the wind.
Menu;  Mac and Cheese, sauteed chicken, apple sauce, and cole slaw.

The birthday "cake" request from their mother, was watermelon.

So, watermelon it was, in skewer fashion, along with a fruit dip that I discovered on the "Iowa Girl Eats" blog.  It is so simple and was a big hit.  Here is the recipe that she has labeled as "the best fruit dip EVER."  Try it and see if you agree;

7 oz. Marshmallow Creme
8 oz. low-fat or whipped cream cheese softened to room tempeture
2 Tablespoons of frozen orange juice concentrate

Spoon marshmellow creme into a large microwave safe bowl, and microwave for 20 seconds.  Whisk in softened creme cheese and orange juice concentrate until very smooth.  Chill, then serve with fruit.

You see, their mother told me that watermelon is their favorite, and that they don't like cake...really?

Obviously, she was wrong.  Isn't that so often how it is with children?  They say one thing and then turn around and prove you wrong.  Looks to me like maybe next year we will do watermelon and cake again:)

At dusk, on a cool, windy Fall evening, this was the perfect place to celebrate together.
We can't believe they are three years old already.
What joy and fun they add to all of our lives. 

Their new flashlights were a hit.  In fact, they carried them with them all evening.

Our daughter captured just one of the beautiful scenes of the evening.  We all look forward to a return visit to this park.

We want to wish our daughter a "Happy Birthday" today on her twenty fifth birthday! 
We love you and wish we could celebrate the day with you.


GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

Look at those cuties! Oh, and the boys are adorable too :)

Debbie said...

What GORGEOUS scenery for a birthday picnic! The boys are just adorable! Love the idea of the fruit on a skewer. Glad you enjoyed!

lindsey said...

I cant believe those dear little boys are 3 already! Their day looks perfect and the photo's are lovely. I too find it hard when we have to celebrate our children's birthdays from afar....but she does look very happy :)

Christine said...

Love, love, love that the party was different and not all "fancy".
Perfect Fall day and perfect place for a birthday party. Looks like you had this special park to yourselves.

Judy said...

Three already? How well I remember reading about there arrival on your blog. I was vacationing in Palm Springs at the time...and had to get home in time for my grandson's arrival. Such sweet grandsons you have! A picnic in a park sounds like the perfect 3-year-old boy party.

Happy birthday to your lovely daughter!

debi said...

What great photos of your special day!


Anneliese said...

Love that Fall tree photo your daughter capturedd! And, how nice that the twins are three! I think that must feel like a real milestone with twins!

Kathleen said...

What a fun way to combine the glories of Fall with the glories of the grands! I rarely think of a picnic, but yours reminds me of how fun they were in my own youth.

I love the flashlight idea too. We bought them for all of our grandchildren when we went on a family vacation some time ago. They played long into the night (they are mostly teens), and we could hear giggles from every dark recess, tree & bush as they chased each other around trying to "tag" each other with light.

Jess said...

Hi! I'm visiting from Land of Fluff! I love all the pictures! You have a beautiful family.

Cake or watermelon ... it depends on the day!


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