Saturday, October 27, 2012

Posted by PicasaGood morning friends!
Another Saturday morning has arrived here.

The roses that were here all summer and gave us so much beauty to enjoy...

...are now gone, and this is what remains in my garden.

The forecast for the next few days is a bit foggy, but from all indications, they are calling for a major storm of historic proportions. (to hit here on Monday and Tuesday)

As in all forecasting, I tend to be a bit skeptical.  Yes, I am one to prepare.  But,  I am not one to stress out about it all. 

I remember as a teenager and young adult, watching television with my dad, as he would be tuned into the weather channel during times of storm forecasting.  I especially remember how involved he was in the forecasting of the huge snow storm in 1996.  I guess I picked up some of that from him. But, I also tend to be more of a wait-and-see type person.

How do you handle weather forecasting?
The lines in our grocery stores indicate that people here are taking the forecast seriously.

Thank you for stopping by today.
I will let you know how it all turns out.

Top photo from Google.


debi said...

Well, if it does hit I pray for safety for all.

As far as seems since they started using the "Doppler" radar they are more times than not wrong :-) I remember when I was a young girl the little weather man was always right...less the fancy more "accurate" forecast the Doppler promises..

All in God's hands regardless, but gave us wisdom to prepare for such things in case :-)

Enjoy your weekend my friend!

corners of my life said...

I have planned and shopped for 5 meals just in case. Now I am realizing that I have an elecrric stove so if the power goes out we'll have to break out the PBJ.

Kathleen said...

You've been on my mind & in my prayers the past few days. As prepared as you are, I'm certainly not worried about you & yours. I just ask the Lord to proetect your persons & property; that "come what may" you are given new cause to praise the Lord.

We rarely have cataclysmic weather in this part of the country. Even so, last year's ice storm was a doozy. I actually found it rather adventuresome. As for earthquakes (as we're long overdue for a big one), I would rather do with out them.

My favorite survival gear are my crank radio & crank flashlights. Next to those are the gas fireplace.

Looking forward to your next update ...


Happy@Home said...

It's hard to see the beautiful roses go at the end of the season. You were able to capture a very nice photo to remember them by until they bloom once again.
I think you have the right approach to preparing for a storm. This one does sound like a BIG one. I am keeping all of you who are in it's path in my prayers.
Stay safe.


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