Tuesday, September 25, 2012

She sat down on the kitchen floor, beside the green friend.
She just sat and stared at for a while, forgetting all about her pretzel snack in front of her.

Slowly I watched her offer her green friend, one of her pretzel sticks.
I sat there on the floor beside her, smiling as I watched her actions.

I asked her if she wanted to draw eyes on her friend...she did, and carefully she proceeded.  She said she is going to add feathers...she did.  I asked her if she wanted to put a scarf on it, she did.
Patiently her little green friend waited through it all.
Then the little blond made an even greater sacrifice...
She offered some of her strawberry milk to her new friend, concentrating as she held up her cup.
I must admit, it was so cute.
Hope you think it is too.
It now has found a place beside the big orange pumpkin on the old porch bench, welcoming family and friends to our home.
"Just a little something for you" this evening.


Christine said...

Taking the time to wait and watch grandchildren play is one of my favortie things to do.
Forget shopping, traveling, or even an evening on the town.
I would prefer to watch a child use their imagination.

Happy@Home said...

Oh, how sweet this is. I know you will smile every time you see the little green friend on your porch bench.

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

That is such an adorable moment between the three of you...a grandmother, granddaughter and a squash!

lindsey said...

This is so sweet, her little face is so intent as she gives her friend a drink. I love to watch little ones as they mimic adults. Oh Judy...that is so funny about the dress pattern, I will think of you every time I
use it :)

Judy said...

Too cute! So glad you documented it.


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