Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Remember my old bottles...those little flea market finds that I found over the last ten years?
And, need I remind you of my great fondness of flowers?
Well, this past weekend I was so excited to see all the colors in my limited garden and pots, that I just had to bring some inside so I could look at them more.

I filled two of my old bottles with oil, and dropped in the wick and the plastic caps.  You can buy packs of theses inexpensive wicks and caps, at most craft stores.  I buy the ultra-pure lamp oil.
These little lamps burn for a long time.

 I took one of my green oblong plates and filled it with my old bottles and a variety of flowers.
Each blossom amazed me with it's delicate beauty and uniqueness.
I loved seeing the simple, final look that was created, on the center of my wooden kitchen table.

I added the tiny oil lamps on each side of the centerpiece, which took it up a notch in my book.
This morning it still looks good and I smile everytime I see it.  Really, God's designs and artistry are extrordinaire!

Then I added another little old, ink bottle in my powder room, and filled it with the first of my blooming knock-out roses of the season, and the first of my spirea flowers.  I find touches of beauty from the outdoors, brought inside boost my spirits. 

The fragrant bouquet of lilacs was dropped off by my oldest daughter yesterday.  She found the pretty milkglass vase at a flea market last weekend.  The aroma that fills my kitchen is heavenly.  I will keep her twins anytime.  What a sweet, unexpected surprise.

This was the bulletin at our church on Sunday.  It tied in perfectly with my "flower post" .  It is now placed on my refrigerator door, adding more flower beauty to my daily routines.

I also want to thank all of the many blogs out there that are sharing flowers too, this time of the year.  When I have time, I so enjoy seeing them.

What a change from the cold, barrenness of the trees and flower beds, that existed a few weeks ago. 


Kris said...

So pretty. I have a couple of lamps I keep out on the patio. I like to light them in the summer when we eat outside. Your flowers and glass are beautiful!!

lindsey said...

Your house must look and smell wonderful. You are so creative with your bottles, candles and flowers

Patty Marker said...

What a pretty centerpiece. I love bringing snippets of the garden indoors, too. Even the simplest flower can brighten up any room. Thank you for sharing your beauty with us. Patty

Kathleen said...

Visiting your blog is like taking a trip to a Hallmark store, or to the local flower market -- but better! I love your imaginative displays, and how you see so much of your world through a petal's lens.


corners of my life said...

How relaxing it would be to sit at your table sipping a cup of coffee and enjoying these flowers.

Judy said...

The flowers, the vases, the verse on the bulletin....all so beautiful! And I can almost smell the sweet scent from over here. I love this season...the season of fresh blooms.

Lovella ♥ said...

This is just the prettiest time of year. I don't have any roses blooming yet...but the rest of your flowers are looking so familiar.
Those little vases are priceless.

Brenda Leyland @ Its A Beautiful Life said...

What pretty, pretty arrangements. What fun you must have had putting your creative touch to work!


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