Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Another day has come to a close, with a breathtaking sunset. 

This pretty little flower will be in the mail to...

...the owner  of the blog, "corners of my life".
Congratulations to the dear lady who owns this interesting and creative blog. 
Hopefully you enjoy wearing this pink peony pin with your summer outfits.

You will certainly fit in with many others, since flowers are everywhere in the spring fashions.
You can find these multi colored flowers on shirts and on headbands, for all ages.

You can wear them to do whatever you consider fun, like eating an ice cream sundae...


...or taking a deep sleep(my neice's precious little girl).
Flowers just add a touch of beauty to everything.

Thanks for all your kind comments to Jackie, regarding her artistry and creativity.


lindsey said...

Beautiful sunset and beautiful family!

Judy said...

Flowers everywhere. They make me smile. Congrats to 'corners of my life' on being the winner of one pretty little flower...arriving in her mailbox soon!

Melissa said...

Judy - Just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to blog and share your awesome pictures. I enjoy it each time I "stop" by. I hope you and your family are well! Enjoy your week!

Lauren said...

Waif til I tell Paisley she made it on Aunt Judy's blog! Oh happy day!! :-) love you!!


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