Tuesday, March 20, 2012

When I returned home late this afternoon, I took a walk around our home.  Here is what I found blooming on the trees and flower beds.  I think this tree is a magnolia tree, although I am not sure.  It has lots of beautiful, pure white, sweet smelling flowers on it.

This is one of my favorite trees.  Each time in the early Spring, the tree is covered with pink blossoms.  It looks so good in between the holly and everygreen trees.

Now the Forsythia is blooming and it's tiny yellow flowers are everywhere.

The Hyacinth plant that my daughter gave me last year, smells sweeter than ever.   There are pink Hyacinths too.

The mother duck has returned again this Spring.  Every Spring for the last few years, the Mallard and the female return to our backyard.  Only once did I get to see the mother and her ducklings walking across the street, after they were born.  I like that she chooses our home to come to.  She must feel safe and secure here.  In fact, she let me walk up close to her for the picture.

How does she know that it is Spring again?  How does she remember which home she went to last Spring?   God's creation is so amazing!


I brought some of each of the blossoms into my house.  I put them into my old canning jar and set it on the table that I bought last week.  I had my eye on this table for a year, at the KMart store.  Last week, I went into the store and saw that it was on clearance.  It was marked down to $ 31.00.  What a deal!  It is one of the Country Living pieces that KMart sells.  It looks so nice sitting at my kitchen window.

It is another warm Spring day.  I am so thankful for such beautiful weather.
What is blooming at your home?



Debbie said...

That first flower sure looks like a magnolia, but I am not very good at naming flowers so who knows...whatever it is, it is just GORGEOUS. We had two of the pink flowered trees (I believe they are flowering plum trees) in our yard at our old house. How I loved watching them bloom every year. Sooo pretty. Didn't last long though. But the deep red leaves were soo pretty too. I love your new table. I can see why you had your eye on it. Hope you had a good day. HUGS

Crickit said...

Beautiful Pictures! I love your new table...what a deal! It looks especially nice with all of your Spring flowers on it!

lindsey said...

your garden must be so pretty. We always look out for magnolia trees with our granddaughters being called Primrose and Magnolia (Maggie)we find lots of Primroses but not so many Magnolias! You are right, that table is a real bargain and does look so pretty in your window. I will look forward to more of your wonderful creations being displayed on it throughout the year!


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