Saturday, March 31, 2012

A $.99 flip-flop.  A weekend adventure for my friend and her granddaughters last Summer.  She and her husband took their older granddaughters(and grandson), to the beach for a few days.  She spent the weekend teaching them how to sew.  They had a great time together and she wanted to document the time for each girl.  She found these flip-flops at Old Navy for 99 cents each, at the end of the season sale.  Imagine that...a flip flop scrapbook.

The top flower on the flip flop is made from the yellow pages of her phone book.

Yes, you are right!  She made individual scrapbooks on their time together, for each girl.  A flip flop scrapbook.  Do you have one?

This friend continually amazes me with her artistic creativity.  She used rubber cement glue to glue the backing onto the flip-flop, and then used heavy cardstock for each page. 

The little retro tags were cut out of decorative papers.

Personally, I think it is a great idea for this lady to take time to teach her girls how to sew, especially if they are interested in learning.  Their grandma is so skilled in many areas, and these lessons will serve them well in their future lives.  I can see the advertisement now...

"sewing classes" at the beach, including beach time, good food, and lots of laughter.  Who wouldn't want to learn in this way?
Oh, and a flip-flop scrapbook included.

They individually sewed their own aprons and purses.  They must have felt so proud of their accomplishments.  What a beautiful job they did!

The same creative lady, took the inner cardboard rolls of toilet paper, flattened each of them, and produced a tiny scrapbook for me as a birthday gift.  Yes, you heard me right.

Here is my newly acquired scrapbook from toilet paper rolls.  All I need to do is to add small photos in the created spaces.

Each page is so beautifully done with a vintage flair.  So many tiny details make up this book.  I look forward to filling it with special pictures.

The tiny tags can be removed and filled with pictures.
What a treasure these books are for those who receive them.

To go along with her frugal, yet so artistic skills, she covered an empty check box with music paper and created the bow out of crepe paper.  Gift and wrapping will be saved. 
I wanted to share these amazing treasures with you today.  Maybe you need some ideas for future gifts.  Who would have thought that one could recycle in this fashion.  I will never look at my empty cardboard toilet paper rolls the same.  Oh, and by the way, she said there are different sizes of cardboard holders, and she found that Charmin rolls work the best.  Just in case you wondered:)

Wishing you time to enjoy this Saturday!


Jeane` said...

WOW! Go Judy-G! She never ceases to amaze me. I just hope she wasn't too deflated when you showed her the 15 page scrapbook i made you out of recycled toothpaste containers. ;)

Debbie said...

WOW!! Your creative is that?! I love the flip flop idea...soo darling. I love to see how talented some people are. Oh, and it looks like I missed a post or two, and somebody had a birthday. ; ) Your right, the table was lovely. Hope you had a wonderful birthday! HUGS

lindsey said...

So clever, I am also amazed at some of he ideas that people come up with. Both these ideas are so original.

Judy said...

Wow! What great ideas...and what a great job she did on her scrapbooks (and on gift-wrapping). Gifts from the heart...for sure.

corners of my life said...

Amazing that someone can be that creative!


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