Friday, May 23, 2008

Long Lost & Distracted Grandma

I know that by now you have probably all given up on me and my newly posted blog. You have most likely stopped even checking on whether or not the lady has entered anything new. Did she fall off the face of the earth? Or has she embarked on a three month trip around the world? Well, you will be glad to know that it was not for any of the above reasons, that I did not post more blogs. You see, my instructor sat down with me for a mere 30 minutes to help me create my very first blog, and then she left for her ever busy life in Shillington. Because of my limited computer skills, I did not feel qualified to continue on by myself. Today she has returned to further instruct me...never mind the long amount of time between our classes.

I am quite a busy lady myself, although my role of being a grandma certainly has created many times of joy and laughter for me. Babysitting, or just visiting with Curt, Jeane' and family has become one of my favorite pasttimes. Each visit I discovered new progress in the little lives of my grandchildren. Their ready smiles and heart-felt hugs are special blessings that make my role so rewarding.

As for one of the other enjoyable roles in my life, I would have to say it would be having friends into my home. Last evening was one of those rewarding evenings.

A group of ladies from my church meet for prayer and fellowship, once every two months and last evening was my turn. My day was a rather hectic one, as so many of them are. I did not have time to bake anything, even though we have decided to keep our treats on the simple side. I did what I do many times when friends stop in, I stocked up ahead of time at Walmart. I buy boxes of "Poppies - Belgium Mini Cream Puffs" and "Belgium Chocolate Covered Mini Cream Puffs", in the freezer section.

They then go into my freezer until the morning before I serve them. At that time, I arrange them on a lace-covered pedestal cake stand, cover with plastic wrap and set in the refrigerator until time to serve. At that time, I sprinkle them with powdered sugar and add a few edible flowers to complete the look.

Quite honestly, they are so delicious, so easy, and I always get asked how to make them. So there, you have one of my quick, easy, and inexpensive ways to treat my dear friends. Oh yes, the hot decaf coffee and tea went perfectly with it as we sat around the kitchen table together.

It is truly a gorgeous day outside today and I have work to do. Hopefully, my next blog will not take as long for me to create.

Happy Memorial Day! Judy


Jeane` said...

Dearest Mother of Mine...
Beautiful posting with creativity and sentimentality. Loved it! I'm so proud of how FAR you have come!!! Thank you sooooo much for helping with the babies today....I am sooo thankful for you & dad.
Your eldest

ajwatson722 said...

Amber and I are sitting here reading your blog and enjoying it so much! We love the cream puff idea! Looks so good and pretty. And you are the youngest grandma I have ever seen!:)
I'm glad you didn't disappear off the face of the earth for three months! I look forward to more entries! love you!!! Amber says hello!

Anonymous said...

ha..well where do i start?? i am SO proud of my mommy-girl!! you truely have gotton so far with this whole computer thing, and know how to show others how to do the coolest things. im sitting here on Nay's couch and ive been in awe the whole im so freaken lucky to hve you as my mama.:) i love ya, and will miss you dearly as we head to OC for the day. Have fun on your motorcycle trip tomorrow~c ya sooon<3 love you~your fav. child(dont worry its just between us)no worries...

The lady of the house... said...

oh, oh, oh!! you're back!! i missed you! seriously, i was hoping you would continue on and not lose hope over the whole creating-of-the-blogging-world....once you start it becomes so much more enjoyable! looking forward to more wisdom, ideas & treats....
off to sleep, oh, glorious sleep!


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