Thursday, January 5, 2017

"I am convinced that God has built into all of us an appreciation of beauty and has
even allowed us to participate in the creation of beautiful things and places.
It may be one way God brings healing to our brokenness, and a way that we
can contribute toward bringing wholeness to our fallen world."  Mary Jane Worden

I took this picture Sunday morning.  The coming year, I want to take time to
notice the scenes of the every day.  I so often live a pre-occupied
existence, with a mind filled with the insignificant and the burdensome
details of life.

I want to take time to notice tiny touches of beauty...

Recognize endearing moments...

To be thankful for smiles that lift my spirits...

Be grateful for the touches of affection, that I see being exhibited in ordinary situations
with the lives of my family...

And, small blessings that come in to us, in all different circumstances of life.  Time
is fleeting.  This month, my husband is anticipating his 65th birthday.  Our young
grandson here, is one year old.  I am praying that I take time to notice more of
the unexpected blessings of everyday life.

I want to do more listening, more holding them, more of simply being there.
More of noticing all that I see around me daily, whether it is with family,
friends, happenings, nature, or whatever I encounter. This is one of my
heartfelt prayers as I step into another new year of life.

Thank you for stopping by.


Debbie said...

Love this post and your thoughts here, and couldn't agree more. To notice the "little things" and appreciate them, should be a part of our days every day. Have a good week!

Christine said...

Great post for the first of the year.
Sweet pictures!


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