Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Take one glittery, silver high heel tree ornament from Walmart...

And one new, quart size paint can from the Sherwin Williams store, plus half a
sheet of pretty foil paper from the Dollar Tree...

Fill with these delicious, homemade, colorful little macaroons, made by Tara, a gifted
baker, and you have some fun gifts for a group of friends, in your Bible Study. 

If you wish, you can purchase some new, empty paint cans, some foil paper, and fill
them with cookies, tiny muffins, or some homemade granola.

The tags on these small gifts stated that "No one can fill your shoes!"  The options are
endless for the shiny cans.  And as always, the tags always complete the gift:), and
convey your heart thoughts.

This happy snowman hangs at my kitchen window, and it reminds me every time I
see it, of my dear Mother.  She liked to purchase "Christopher Radko" ornaments
for her children at Christmas.  It has been a year now since she went to Heaven,
and I treasure things like this, that serve as a reminder of the very special Mother
that she was.

Today I wish you some moments of joy, especially as you face the busyness of
the coming holiday!


Happy@Home said...

I am once again amazed at the ideas you come up with, Judy. I must admit it would not occur to me to match up an empty paint can with a glittery high heel, but you have done so with beautiful results. The recipients must have felt very special.
The cookies are also a work of art. Almost too pretty to eat.
Your mother shared a special tradition in her gift of Christopher Radko ornaments. What a beautiful reminder of the special lady and loving mother that she was to you.
You are in my thoughts this Christmas season.

Judy said...

Thanks for another fun gift-giving idea! Wishing you and yours a wonderful and blessed Christmas season.

corners of my life said...

You are always so clever Judy. I love your little projects and copy many. Thanks.


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