Monday, July 4, 2016

How about you?  Any unusual happenings in your July 4th holiday?  Anything out of the
ordinary, like perhaps coming face to face with a Peacock?  Did it happen to you?  As you can see,
it did for me.  Twice in a span of two days, I came within a few feet of one of nature's
most magnificent birds.  Actually, I was a bit awestruck, as I studied it's brilliant
colors and exceptional design.

As if intentionally placed, I discovered this bird sitting on the hood of a blue pickup truck
at a nearby farm, that I visited with my family on Saturday.  Proudly he sat there, so still that
I almost walked right past him.

He stared directly at me, and I slowly moved close enough to the car, to lean on it and stare right
back at him. All I could think of as I took in his exquisite beauty, was that God certainly is an incredible designer and artist.  So many brilliant colors and perfect designs covered every
inch of this bird.

Today, again on different farm visit, we encountered another one of the proud, strutting birds, in a
big open meadow.

It did not seem the least bothered by the chickens running around it.

I used my zoom lens, and captured a close up of his uniquely created plume.

There are so many special celebrations for this July 4th holiday.  I assure you, that I am probably the only blogger, that shares her Peacock encounters, instead of festive and patriotic subject matter.  But, it may add a smile to your day.  I do hope it helps you see things that add wonder and amazement to your every day, whether it is a holiday or not. I marvel at God's creations.

The reason for our local farm visits, were because our daughter and family were spending a few
days visiting us, from their home in the Midwest.  Treasured moments for sure.

Thanks for stopping by today.

Wishing you joy and wonder in the week ahead.



Anneliese said...

Smiling at the fact that your post is not full of flags etc. IT's all good.
I felt like I too had to apologize for not posting about Canada Day, but something
else that was dear to me that week.

Stacey said...

Beautiful photos, Judy. I would definitely share the peacock too if I encountered one. Enjoy your family time. :)

debi said...

Beautiful bird indeed, really love the shot with you in it!

How nice you got some time with your daughter and family, man has that little one grown up fast.

Nice stopping by,

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

How fun to get so close to such a beautiful peacock. I agree they are exquisite and a lovely example of God's creativity. And look how big your precious grandson is already! So happy for you all as you enjoy family time.

Judy said...

How special to have your daughter, son-in-law and grandson home for a visit! And how did your grandson grow up so quickly?

What an amazing 'up close and personal' encounter with a beautiful peacock. What a great shot of you leaning in on him...on the hood of the blue pick-up!

corners of my life said...

The photo of you with the peacock is stunning.
You {both} are so beautiful.


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