Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Hi, I am still here!  Life can get quite busy!  At times, it demands a blogging break.  Time to
stop and step back from all that can fill our hours and days.

Which includes giving baking classes, in my very simple baking style.

Giving spelling and penmanship classes to my granddaughter, in the Dollar Tree fashion. 
Thankful for their colorful  spelling books.

Spending moments of sitting on the grass with those I love, and soaking in the warm
Spring sunshine.

And a special family evening, where we all got to visit with family from Colorado.
As you can see, my Mother-in-law was thrilled to see her grandson again!

There was time spent putting these pretty little lamps together, for an evening dinner
with dear friends.  Thanks again, to the Dollar Tree for this easy, inexpensive way
to dress up a dinner table.

You can find lamp shades in gold, black, gray, or red.  Favors for 2.00 each.

Admiring my Aunt's brilliant red tulips blooming by the white fence.
But, during all the busyness, and all the daily chores of every day life, here is what was
happening to me;

"If you are an average weight adult, here is what is accomplished in your last 24 hours;

Your heart beats 103,689 times.

Your blood travels 168,000,000 miles.

You breath 23,040 times.

You inhale 438 cubic feet of air.

You eat 3 1/2 pounds of food.

You drink 2.9 quarts of liquids.

You loose 7/8 pounds of waste.

You speak 25,000 words, including some unnecessary ones.

You move 750 muscles.

Your nails grow .0000646 inch.

Your hair grows .01714 inch.

You exercise 7,000,000 brain cells.

...do you feel tired?"

~written by Paul Lee Tan

So you see, between my physical daily life, and my human body at work, I needed a break:).

I close with this interesting bit of information that I read recently, on the human body;

"Each chromosome contains 20 billion bits of information.  That amount of information

would equal three billion letters.  If there are six letters in an average word, the information

in one human chromosome equals 500 million words.  If there are 300 words on a printed

page, this would equal two million pages.  If the typical books contain 500 pages, a single

chromosome contains 4,000 books.  Chromosomes carry every bit of information concerning

the development of a human being.  God programmed every minute detail into every


~Paul Lee Tan

Wow!  Our individual chromosomes are so amazing!  This humbled me when I read it. 
All that happens in my body every single day, without me ever giving it a thought. 
No wonder we feel tired and on information overload on certain days:).
We truly are "Fearfully and wonderfully made", like it states in Psalms 139:14.

Thank you for stopping by!


Lea @ CiCis Corner said...

How interesting! And, I LOVE, LOVE the $$$ Tree, just went there this past Monday and found treasures. My Granddaughter loves for me to take her.

And, yes, we all need a break from time and time and that's completely okay.

Happy rest of the week!

Judy said...

Yes...we are fearfully and wonderfully made! glad your little break was filled with so many good things!

Love the little lamps. And your pic's of the grands always make me smile!

Anneliese said...

Those beautiful tulips alone tell of God'a handiwork! And then you went on to tell of how we are wonderfully made! It's beyond my comprehension! How great is our God!


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