Monday, February 8, 2016

Recently, we met at her home, for our weekly Bible Study.  We got to see firsthand, the long
wool runner that she made.
It was her first attempt at this skill, and I must say, we were all quite impressed.  She sat at
a loom to create this masterpiece.

It added so much beauty to her long dining room table.

Her hospitality is always warm and gracious!  Along with that, she is a gifted decorator.
The Valentine touches she added to her home, were so pretty!

Simple, colorful, and festive!  It made our coffee time together, so special!

Even the strawberries were heart shaped. 

My gift to each one, was a bag of homemade "Saltine Cracker Candy with Toasted Pecans". 
It is one of my husband's favorite snacks.  You can find the easy to make recipe here;

Thanks to the dollar bin at the Target Store, I put together these small gifts.

At my kitchen sink, there are a few more touches of this fun holiday.  I especially like my heart
mug, and the small bouquet that my oldest granddaughter made for me, at her first flower
arranging class.  You can imagine how special it is to me!

Whether it is the first time at the loom, or the first flower arranging class, the finished
product, will be a blessing to others.

A jar of tiny hearts, sharing a bit of sweet with whoever walks into my kitchen.  Whatever
you share this Valentine Day, it should be done from the heart, and it should say, "I care".
After all, we all need to know that someone cares.  In the political world right now, you
hear hurtful things being thrown continually, by candidates to candidates. 

In real everyday life, kindness does matter!


Stacey said...

Judy, your friend is so pretty! How neat that she made that runner. I can't even imagine.

Pinned the picture of the lantern and I just might try the treat. :)

April said...

Love is definitely all around! Cracker Candy is so addictive and so GOOD! Such beautiful touches everywhere!

Happy@Home said...

Your bible study at your friend's house looks like a very special time together. She did a beautiful job on her table runner and the Valentine's decorations look so pretty on it.
The flower arrangement on your counter is also very pretty and extra special considering who made it for you. How nice to have that photo to remember it long after the flowers fade.
I like the sounds of the treat you made and the lovely way you packaged it up.
You are so right about being kind in everyday life.

lindsey said...

Thats an amazing achievement by your friend to make the runner, its lovely, so simple to look at that anything added to the table brings it alive. Your little packaged gifts look wonderful too. Your daughter has certainly inherited your creative gift, her flower arrangement is perfect. Those little heart shaped sweets would be long gone in my house ;)

Anneliese said...

I love your valentines gifts packaged up so beautifully! Yes, in the real world, kindness matters! I hope we never forget that.

Judy said...

Wow...I can only imagine the hours spent at a loom to make that lovely table runner! I love all the sweet Valentine ideas you shared with us in this post...including the reminder to show others 'we care'! Happy Valentine's Day weekend!

Christine said...

You have the most creative and fun loving friends, who share their joy with you.

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

Love abounds here as does talent and creativity. Your friend's table runner and lovely presentation of treats for your Bible study is lovely. And your pretty packaged Valentine gifts look so pretty and delicious!


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