Monday, April 20, 2015

Saturday afternoon was an exquisitely gorgeous, spring day!  On my way home
from the grocery store, I had to go the long way through the country.  The sights
I found gave me cause to stop and try, in some small way, to capture the beauty of it

"Spring heralds the return of the sun's warmth, the renewal of life, and the reappearance
of green and color everywhere."   ~unknown


There is something so fascinating to me, watching the dry, hardened ground
being tilled, and then the "fresh" rich topsoil in its place. 

Hundreds of tiny yellow flowers graced the creek banks.

"Some old fashion things like fresh air and sunshine, are hard to beat."   ~Laura Ingalls Wilder

"If we had no winter, this spring would not be so pleasant."    ~unknown

"It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy."  ~Charles H. Spurgeon
Sharing a few of the things I enjoy, with you on this early Monday morning. 
Thank you for stopping by. 


Stacey said...

Your photos are just beautiful!!

Happy@Home said...

You captured the beauty of springtime so well in these photos, Judy. I could almost smell the fresh air.

Anneliese said...

Beautiful thoughts and photos! It looks so much like around here right now. I love that basket of pansies on the white bench!

Liz said...

I think spring has finally sprung! Your pictures capture the full glory of it! Thanks for sharing!

debi said...

Beautiful photos, I've missed stopping by!


Judy said...

I'm sighing. You captured spring so beautifully!


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