Sunday, March 1, 2015

Do you remember this photo that I posted a few weeks ago?
We were hosting our "dinner club" for a Valentine's meal.
That was the evening that I said that my dinner did not turn out the way I wanted it too.
But, that also was the evening that stands out as being one that we shared and laughed
more than normal.  We talked about serious issues too.  We sat at the table longer than
normal.  We all came together years ago, when our children went to the same school.
We have been meeting together six times a year, for the last 10 years.

This picture was taken from one of our Christmas dinners, a few years ago.

The host couple, turned their family room into a dining room, so that the twelve of us
could sit together at the same table.  It is a wonderful memory!

At that Christmas dinner, this was the host couple of the evening, and what an amazing host
couple they were!  Warm, gracious hospitality was always extended here, as in every one
of the homes we took turns visiting it.

This past Thursday, this dear friend, Rick, went to heaven suddenly and unexpectedly!

No warning.  At fifty-five years of age.  No health issues.  You know.  The call you never
want to get.

Since that time, we have reflected back over our many years of dinners, and over the
dinner on February 7th.  I have often thought of the words in the book of Lance Wubbels,
"If Only I Knew".  In it he states this; "We live in an uncertain world.  When we leave
home in the morning, we assume we will return in the evening.  When we say goodbye
to loved ones, we take it for granted we will see them again.  We presume they know we
love them, so we seldom say the words.  Unfortunately, we fail to consider the mortal
reality that this may not be the case...until it's too late.  Tomorrow does not always come.
Someone once said that "life is short, so keep short accounts with God."  That is wise
advise, but I'd like to add that we should keep short accounts with every person who is in
the circle of our lives.  We never know when life will be dramatically changed...
sometimes permanently.Take the time to make someone feel special." 

Thank you Lance Wubbels for writing the special little, but powerful book, "If Only I
Knew."  Because truly, we don't know when it will be our last time to be together
with those special in our lives.

Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to this dear family.


debi said...

We too belong to a dinner group of five couples. We have grown so close through the years, laughter, tears, intense conversation and did I mention laughter. Back in November we experience the loss of one husband and it rocked our world. It was not sudden, cancer slowly took him. The heavy hearts of our little group...well, were adjusting. The plan is to continue on until there are none. It's a commitment amongst friends that have become family. I'm so sorry for your loss of a dear friend. Will pray for his family and your dinner group!

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

So sorry for the loss of your dear friend. Very sad for those left behind. Your thoughts from the book you mention are so appropriate. A reminder to cherish all those we love every moment. said...

When I saw the picture I thought what a nice man he must be, his face looks kind, and then I saw the news that your dear friend is in heaven today. I am so sorry, for all of you and for his family, but not for him. He is just there a few steps ahead of the rest of us. Even so... it hurts. I thought your words of quotes were so helpful and true. I pray that his wife and family will be comforted, and I know your friendship will mean so much to them in the days to come. I'm sad for all the hurting hearts over this loss.

Judy said...

So sorry to hear of your friends' passing! How true...that we live in an uncertain world and tomorrow may not come. Best to always be right with God and and all those in our circle.

Hugs, Judy

Happy@Home said...

Oh Judy, I am so sorry for the sudden and unexpected loss of your friend. It must have come as such a shock to all of you.
The words from "If Only I Knew" are so true and a good reminder to me as I read your post.
May the special friendship you share with your dinner club be a comfort to you all as you face the loss of one of your treasured members.

Lea @ CiCis Corner said...

Oh, how sad. Our dear, dear friend died just this same way in July 2013 and we still grieve for him. Life is just so uncertain and in a matter of 24 hours our lives can turn upside down never to be the same. Blessings to you and your friends during this difficult time.

Debbie said...

I am so sorry for the loss of your dear friend, and especially for his pretty wife. How hard that would be. The words you have shared here are just so true and something we all really need to do all the time. Cherish what time we are given with our loved ones, and take nothing for granted. I do love Sonja's words here...."he is just there a few steps before us! true. I will pray for comfort for you all in the days ahead.

Anneliese said...

I'm so sorry for you sudden loss of a dear friend! At times like this we realize how much we take for granted. I know that book by Lance Wubbles would make me cry for sure!

Stacey said...

I'm so sorry for the loss of your friend. Groups like yours are important in our lives and when something unexpected like that happens it is painful for everyone. You all will be there for the wife though and that's what it's all about in life.

Privet and Holly said...

Judy, I'm so sorry for
the loss of your special
friend. Your words about
never truly knowing are
spot on. I need to find that
book -- sounds like a goodie.

Sending thoughts to comfort
you and those who loved loved
your dear friend, too....

xo Suzanne

corners of my life said...

Losing a friend is such a hard reality. Your dinners will never be the same but at the same time a comfort to those who still gather.


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