Sunday, March 9, 2014

My daughters wanted to treat me to a large, well known flower show in a nearby city.
It was the way they chose to celebrate my upcoming(not for a while though) 60th birthday.
They asked my mother, sisters, and nieces to join us.  Rented a 15 passenger van, talked
their father into driving it, and off we went for the day's excursion.

Everyone was asked to come to our home at 9:00am, to start off the day with coffee,
muffins, and fruit.  My middle daughter took ordinary paper coffee cups and dressed
them up with flowers.  I was impressed with her creativity and must admit, my
coffee never looked so good!

Cup before...

Cup after...looking pretty with the Martha Stewart flower
stickers on the pastel colored papers, hot glued over each cup. 

 My oldest daughter baked "apple butter streusel" muffins and dressed
them up with flower tags.
The kitchen island looked so festive and Spring like, making
all of us eager to see more flowers at the upcoming show.

Our handsome van driver:)

Two of my daughters and me, at the arrival to the Flower Show.  We were disappointed that
their sister was unable to join us for the day.

The displays of flowers almost took one's breath away, with their beauty and artistic displays.
I am sharing only a few of the many pictures I took throughout my hours walking through
the show.

At this orchid display, I was reminded of one of my blogging friends who so skillfully raises
orchids and shared them recently with us, at   I was
sure she would have been thrilled to see this display.

One could not adequately express what one felt when viewing all the colors, flowers, designs,
and variations on saw with each step that was taken.

Flowers and lighting went into each display.

My daughters and nieces taking a coffee break together.
The niece in the white jacket, is the one who creates
and designs faux flower pins, and thanks to her,
we each got to wear one of her lovely flower pins.
Another niece and one of my sister-in-laws shown here
waiting for a van driver, at the end of our time in the city. 
We piled back in the van, and headed home.
What a fun way and most memorable way for me to celebrate
a milestone birthday.
And, thankfully, I have one of these bouquets sitting on my kitchen table as I
share this post, due to my sister's generosity.
Approaching age 60 is not so bad after all.


Stacey said...

Judy, that sounds like so much fun! I know you loved every minute of it. :)

JMD said...

Betcha everyone would like to stay 60 if they had such a grand birthday celebration. Looks grand.

Lea @ CiCis Corner said...

Oh, you know 60 is the new 50, so enjoy! I hit this milestone a year and a half ago and it was such a wonderful birthday.

The Flower Show looks fantastic. I've never seen such beautiful flowers.

And, you and your daughters, just too cute! May the coming year be filled with many blessings for you!

debi said...

what a beautiful fun day....


Happy@Home said...

I can't think of a nicer way to celebrate a milestone birthday. The sights at the flower show look breathtakingly beautiful. I am so glad you shared some of them with us. It makes me extra eager for the upcoming springtime.
When I saw the pretty presentation your daughters did with the coffee cups and muffins I couldn't help but think they seem to take after their sweet mom. No end to the creative talents in your family.

lindsey said...

This looks like and amazing day...such fun you must have all had together. You are clearly one very loved lady...and I know why :) enjoy your birthday when it arrives x

corners of my life said...

What a splendid day - lucky you!

Judy said...

What a fun celebration! The memories will long live on! I love the photo of you and your daughters. Wishing you many blessings as you continue to celebrate this milestone in your life!

Anneliese said...

Isn't it fun to drag out the celebrations? Your daughters have inherited your creativity! Combining that with spending time together is the best gift.

Christine said...

Now that is the way to celebrate.
Family, Flowers, Food!!
So thoughtful and creative. I always take away something memorable when I visit here.
Happy 60th Birthday!

Kim said...

What a fun celebration. Does your niece have an ETSY shop where she sells her pins?


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