Tuesday, March 1, 2011

When the day is full and dinner is late, here is one of our favorite solutions.  A nice big plump rotisserie chicken from Costco.  For 4.99 it provides several meals for the two of us.  Tonight was one of those times, and believe me, it was delicious!

This sandwich is one my husband gives a 10.  I've made this many times.  I got the idea from one of my favorite little magazines.  I picked it up a few years ago and I resort to it so often for great, quick ideas.  The magazine is a "Christmas Cookbook" from the Cake Doctor, Anne Byrn.  What a lady!  She shares so many brilliant ideas.  I hesitate telling you about it since it is dated January 2007,  but I will tell you some of it's contents from time to time.

Here is where I found my sandwich along with many other good ideas.   In the 15 ways to doctor a deli-roasted chicken, # 5 is Make mini chicken and ham sandwiches with little buttered soft supermarket bakery rolls (I used potato mini rolls ).  Spread on a dab of cranberry sauce.  My interpretation, I layer a slice of ham, a few pieces of rotisserie chicken, a thin slice of light jarlsberg cheese, and a thin slice of cranberry sauce.  This does make a quick, delicious sandwich and many of them.

Way # 1  Remove the meat from the bones and fold the chicken into a homemade white sauce or jar of Alfredo sauce.  Add sauteed mushrooms, a bit of sherry, and grated Parmesan cheese and spoon this creamed chicken over toast points or corn bread for company or family.

Way # 2  Quarter the chicken and wrap it in foil with fresh oregano, rosemary, and sliced fresh lemons.  Warm in the oven and serve with mashed potatoes.

Way # 6  Glaze the warm chicken with terriyaki sauce blended with honey.  Sprinkle with sesame seeds.  Serve with a bright fresh vegtable stir-fry of pea pods, pepper strips, water chestnuts, and green onions.  Serve with rice or Asian noodles. 

Way # 7  Make a quick but fancy-looking chicken potpie with frozen puff pastry.  Blend chicken with sauteed onions and celery and vegtables of your choice, such as frozen peas, broccoli, or a frozen blend.  Mix in two cans of cream of chicken soup and a can of milk.  Add a dash of sherry (or I use white cooking wine ).  Bake in a casserole ropped with puff pastry strips to fit until bubbly and golden brown.

Way # 9  To your usual fettucine Alfredo, add shredded chicken, sauteed mushrooms, and fresh spinach leaves that you allow to wilt in the warm in the warm sauce.

This magazine has many segments like this one, for example..."19 ways to doctor frozen entrees",  15 ways to doctor canned soup", "15 ways to doctor refrigerated bread dough".  Since I happen to be one that is always on the lookout for quick, easy, and oh, so delicious, I found her suggestions quite helpful.
Maybe sometime you might want to use Costco rotisserie chicken to help you out of a tight spot, and maybe you might want to invite friends over to help you eat it.


Miss Debbie said...

We don't have a Costco, but I buy them at our Kroger. They have bailed me out on many occasions! I've used it in chicken alfredo and chicken salad. When they are on sale, I buy several and freeze them. Sounds like a very helpful cookbook.....one you can actually use! Thanks for sharing the hints!

lindsey said...

I would give that sandwich a 10 too..looks amazing!

Happy@Home said...

I think those rotisserie chickens are one of the best deals in the grocery store. You have given me some great new ideas to try. The sandwich looks delicious.

Kathleen said...

I have frequently purchased Costco's chicken. It's such a great value, as you say; and I've been very impressed with the flavor.

I'm not nearly so creative as you, but I do have a couple of favorite ways to use it: 1)I pull all the meat from the carcass (now that's a visual if ever there was one), and then serve it atop Romaine for a quick Chicken Ceasar Salad, 2) I use the meat as content for Chicken Soup, using canned, Fire Roasted Tomatoes as a base. It's a huge fav here.

Wish I had one of your sandwiches for breakfast. Alas, it's cereal time :)


Christine said...

Your timing is perfect!
Got two of those chickens in the refrig, waiting for me to do something.


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