Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Record Breaking Snowstorm

I changed my mind from my last post. This turned out to be such a massive storm that I decided to share a few of the pictures I took around 4:00 pm.

Blizzard type conditions existed for most of the afternoon. Blowing and drifting created huge drifts.

It felt much better inside, looking out.

Looking out of the back door. It was difficult to remember when my mother and I sat at this table with our cups of coffee, in warmer weather.

When the snow is so deep and the snow blower so powerful, this may happen to your delivered newspaper that was hidden in the snow.

First time he cleared the driveway with this machine was 9:30 am. The second time was 4:00 pm. Notice the amount of snow that had accumulated between the two times. The snow, cold and high winds made this a snowstorm we won't soon forget. If you want to see a fun snow blog, you can check out my daughter's blog by clicking HERE. She was the busy one.


Lovella ♥ said...

Unbelievable. .all we hear on the news here is how we wanted to have "green" games but not "green" games. It is so warm and balmy here and a huge rain storm is coming in . .just in time for the opening ceremonies . . which really makes me sad.
I do think your picutres are beautiful and I can sympathize with your husband. . .since that was what we did last winter.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Wow...the pictures are amazing

LisaShaw said...

WOW Judy! This is amazing!!! Beautiful photos but I'm sure it's hard to get around in for people. Thanks for sharing with us.

Love you.

Tracy said...

I cannot imagine! I keep hearing news reports from your part of the country thinking...oh my word...MORE?! Bet your hubby was tired from all that snow blowing! Amazing photos. Hang in there, sweet friend...spring is right around the corner!

Thinking warm thoughts...

Love the Decor! said...

It is so beautiful!!

Judy said...

We were watching the Pennsylvania snowstorm on the news this evening...and thinking of you! It does make for lovely pictures though. Stay cozy.

a woman who is said...

It is just amazing. I am glad you posted your snow pic's. I want to know how things are going for you.
Brrrrrr...hope you have some good books to read.

Happy@Home said...

My goodness, that is an unbelievable amount of snow to receive at one time. It is a big job to keep it cleared and I can imagine your husband is a bit exhausted.
It does look pretty in your pictures, especially the one with the candle light in the window. So cozy. I hope you can stay warm, cozy and safe until it is all over.

Kathleen said...

I am so grateful that you and others have not been without power. I can't imagine enduring such a winter without heat or lights.

Stay warm!


Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

Beautiful pictures...but not so fun to shovel.....I know from experience! :-)

There's something so grant about being snowed in.....with the family!

Praying you are having a GREAT week.

lindsey said...

This is incredible....great photos. I checked your daughters blog, I cant believe all those lovely little children, you are truly blessed and she must be an amazing Mummy!!

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Eye popping picture of the door blocked by snow! Glad you left your lights up so the lights could glow through the snow so beautifully.

Tea with Tiffany said...

Goodness I thought we had occasional blizzards here in Colorado Springs. You have us beat. I hope you are able to get out. It's definitely beautiful, but I know it's hard to be snowed in.

Sending sunshine from Colorado today!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

We got a foot of heavy wet snow. After shoveling x 3 I think I've made up my mind t invest in a snow blower for next year!


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