Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Birthday Celebration on the Porch

Recently I was invited to a special birthday luncheon on my sister's porch. This luncheon was to celebrate a special friend's birthday, who also happens to be our aunt. I looked forward to the luncheon, as I do every opportunity to be in my sister's home. Her porch has been one of my favorite places to visit, with it's relaxing and inviting decor.

The color combinations that she used were so festive, and the flowers added a lovely touch.

She purchased a bouquet of flowers at Costco, and her daughter artistically arranged them in separate containers down the center of her table. What a creatively done way to divide a bouquet into many bouquets, using a cluster of her clear and royal blue small vases.

Small bags of her special chocolate clusters were the favors and placecards combined. Everyone was happy to be able to take this package along home. Her colorful china she used seem to fit her personality perfectly.

I thought about a quote I had remember reading, that said "To invite a person into your house is to take charge of his happiness for as long as he is under your roof." ~(Brillat-Savarin). What a privilege it is to be invited into anyone's home, whether for a meal, or a cup of coffee, or just to sit and talk together on comfy chairs. My sister certainly posesses the gift of hospitality. I am sure my aunt and her family and good friends would agree, that we had a good time together.

Wishing this beautiful lady many more years of adding joy to people's lives, as she does so gracefully, in her quiet, sincere and creative way.


Happy@Home said...

Creativity, kindness & the gift of hospitality seem to run in your family. Your sister's table looks gorgeous and your aunt must have felt very special to have her birthday honored in this way. The flowers looked especially pretty and I would have never guessed that that many arrangements came from one bouquet. Very beautiful post today.

lindsey said...

What a beautiful post and porch, you must have had a great time. I really like your 'Fall' candles too, great idea!

Judy said...

I'm a big fan of porch parties...especially if they are decked out as beautifully as that one! A creative bunch you are.

How is it that you have an aunt that looks like she was 'born yesterday'? How special to have an aunt as a good friend.

southerninspiration said...

Beautful! Especially considering that there was genuine hospitality involved...what could be better????!!!


Stacey said...

Your family sure knows how to make guests feel special. You and your sister always set the most beautiful tables. The little place setting gift is adorable too. I think I missed this skill somewhere in my upbringing!

Barb said...

Oh, Judy, this post put a smile on my face. What a lovely setting!

Barb ♥

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Hi Judy
Happy birthday to your Aunt! Your sister is a beautiful woman. Her luncheon table looks so colorful and inviting. I enjoy buying Costco's pretty flower bunches as they always have a good selection.

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

What a gorgeous Patio Party! Care and thought was put into every detail. It makes you feel so good to go to a party like that because you know the hostess was really
thinking about you in her planning and preparation!

Can I come next time?

Stray Cozy, Carrie

LisaShaw said...

Aww, how beautiful it all is. Happy Birthday to the beautiful, special lady.

Loved the photos!

Thanks for sharing with us from your heart. Love ya.

Brenda @ Its A Beautiful Life said...

What a beautiful posting! Loved the floral arrangements and the wonderful colour combo of the table settings.

I can see why you love to visit here! You feel the love and joy and care taken to make guests feel truly special!

Birthday greetings to the Birthday Lady!

BTW, I really enjoyed that quote by Brillat-Savarin!

Tracy said...

How beautiful! No doubt you had a wonderful time. = )

Cathy said...

What lovely party on your sister's the porch! She is very cute. I came visiting from Lisa's today.

a woman who is said...

That did look like an amazing porch and birthday party. You are blessed to have such an amazing sister. I know I feel the same way about mine!

Anonymous said...

Good afternoon Judy, Your sisters porch is so beautiful and I just love her china. It's so colorful and different. It's very pretty. What a great birthday celebration. There is nothing like fresh flowers to brighten up a table. The arangements are so beautiful. Thank you for sharing this pretty tablescape with all of us.


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