Monday, March 14, 2011

Their simple, pretty, little faces make me smile as they peak out from my old bottle collection, sitting on the wooden shelf in my hallway.

  It is Monday evening and quite honestly, I am not feeling much like posting on my blog, in light of the continuing saga coming from the aftermath of the last few days in Japan.  Normally, I make a conscious effort on this blog, to keep my posts light and upbeat.  Right now, that is not what my heart is feeling.

My thoughts and heartfelt prayers are being offered for the Japanese people, the United States military on duty in that country, all our fellow Americans volunteering to help, and our President as he monitors it all.

Despite it all, these little flowers continue to share their delicate beauty.  I am thankful for God's signs to us that Springtime will soon be here.

Just a few thoughts from my heart on this Monday evening.  Thanks for stopping by.


Christine said...

Japan feels your prayers and God hears them.

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

I am with you; not feeling very cheery.

lindsey said...

Thanks for this post Judy and the photos of pretty flowers. We too are watching the news and then messaging updates to family in South Africa so they can pray.... they dont have much on their channels. I cant begin to imagine how the japanese must be coping. My daughter has friends in Haiti and reminded me that things are still so bad over there even 14 months on. Prayer is the answer... that even through these disasters, that God's name will be glorified

Crickit said...

I too am praying for Japan...seeing the devastation on the news has been overwhelming.

Happy@Home said...

I understand your feelings, Judy. It is so sad to watch what is happening in Japan right now.
Your pansies are a bright spot in the midst of such overwhelming tragedy.

Jeane` said...

They are so beautiful...the panseys that is! Someday, all things will be made right and all will be beautiful. That is a good promise to reflect on.

debi said...

I'm with's why I love ya!

Sassy Granny ... said...

Me too. The bereaved that show up all over the news just break my heart. To think of the families torn apart; most of which will never know where & how their loved ones departed.

But a little bit of spring goes a long way. Thank you for a dose of pansy.



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