Friday, March 4, 2011

My uncle (a great photographer) sent me these pictures that he captured during the last week.  I sat here in the early morning hours with my hot cup of coffee and was reminded once again of the uniqueness of all God's creatures.

I wondered to myself, why is it that we humans, for the most part have trouble accepting the fact that we are uniquely created?  Why is it that we all try to look like each other?  If you have features that you are not happy with, a personality you wished was different, or whatever it is that you are not  satisfied with, did you ever stop and consider that you were given these features for a special reason?

Are you one that always wishes your nose was smaller, or your legs were meatier. Is there anyone like that out there?  These birds are okay with what they were given and proudly strut their stuff. 

Their body shapes...

Their colors and hues...

All designed to help them fulfill a purpose in life.

I love uniqueness.  I like that we all have our own style and look.  Why does society make everyone feel like, unless they look a certain way, or age a certain way, they will not be accepted?  Why can't we learn to begin to  accept our age and our unique qualities?

Once again I am amazed at my uncle's ability to capture beauty wherever he is in his travels?

And as always the sunsets he captures are simply touches of heaven on earth.  I want to thank him for sharing his skills once again with me and the blogging world.  The artistry of the creator continually awes me time and time again.
Wishing you a good weekend and the contentment that comes by accepting who you are and how uniquely you were designed.


lindsey said...

I love your uncles photos...thanks for sharing and have a great weekend!

Happy@Home said...

Once again your uncle has taken some lovely photos and I am so glad you shared them with us. As one who tends to focus on the flaws, your words today were such a good reminder. I think I should print this post and tape it to the bathroom mirror :).
Have a wonderful weekend, Judy.

Christine said...

Reading your words, looking at the pictures and listening to the music, wow! It made me feel really good. Like a vacation in my own space.
Thank you for the special moment.

p.s.phyllis sews said...

The photographs are very beautiful but your words were very helpful to me today. I, too, will have a birthday soon and I am experiencing some of the limits society wants to place on middle agers. I still feel young inside but my gray hair and wrinkles put me in another box. Thank you for the reminder of our Creator's unique gift of life to each of us.


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