Friday, March 25, 2011

An evening filled with instruction on loving one's children and learning to cook Italian food.

It meets every other week.  It is called "Apples of Gold".  It is a time of teaching, older women instructing younger women.  The first part of the evening is a Bible study which involves the older women sharing what they have learned in parenting roles, to the younger women.  This week's lesson was on "loving your children".   I am not involved but some of my relatives are and my sister shared these pictures with me.   The table was decorated in a fun, festive, colorful, and inexpensive way and I just had to share it with you.  Legos, plastic buckets, balloons, and pieces of slate with chalk drawings.

This gave the women ideas of fun ways to add festivity and color to their tables.

Dollar store buckets and tissue paper add the perfect touches to the table.

Bright colored pieces of children's Legos were placed down the center of the table.

Simple, colored paper plates, napkins, and cups added a touch of color to the white tablecovering.

The creative ladies and mentors that decorated the table for the evening.

The food segment of the evening, was "Italian Night".  Here a lady shares secrets for preparing her famous homemade tomato sauce.  She learned her skills from her Italian family many years ago.  I heard she added humor to her instructing.  I smile just thinking about her as an instructor.  What a lady!

A lovely mentor and the young women assigned to her.  Their faces reveal the joy they discovered in participating in this important, helpful, and encouraging course.

Wouldn't you agree, that homemade "Tirimasu" seems like the perfect way to end an Italian cooking class? 
I am thankful for older women who take the time and care to teach and share their wisdom with the eager to learn, younger women.  It is how it should be.  We certainly can gain valuable information from those who traveled the journey ahead of us.


lindsey said...

What a fantastic idea! Think I may consider doing this with 'our' mum's. The table looks amazing, you surely do have some very talented people around!

Sassy Granny ... said...

Oh I like that: Apples of Gold! I've been telling my sister Dolores that we need to find a conduit for passing along the wisdom born of experience to our younger girls - be they daughters or granddaughters, fellow church members, neighbors or whichever.

There's a dying art to being the sort of woman God treasures. I applaud your buddies!


corners of my life said...

What a wonderful opportunity for these young mothers.


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