Wednesday, March 30, 2011

As you know, last week was my birthday and what a special week it was.  As you also know, my blog has always offered "just a little something for you", however little it may be.  I love to create gifts for others.  Something that reminds me of the recipient and something that lets them know I care.  Last Saturday evening I found a big shopping bag at my front door.  I lifted the very heavy bag into my foyer and here is what I found in it...a bag filled with old issues of "Victoria" magazines.  I knew exactly which friend had left it for me.  My friend Heidi and I had spent time during the years that our children attended the same school, browsing through antique and flea markets. One of the items I spent time looking for, was past issues of "Victoria" or "Country Living" magazines, with the intent of using them to create some homemade cards.  I don't scrapbook but I do enjoy creating cards for my family and friends. 
We haven't done our browsing for quite a long time,  so you can imagine how surprised and pleased I was to have this package at my door along with some of her own artistically made cards.  You see, that is how gifts work for me, they add unexpected joy and delight that someone, somewhere was thinking about me and what I like.  Whether it is one's birthday or not, tiny, "thinking of you" gifts or cards are always the perfect way to share your heart thoughts with other.

While my husband was watching March Madness, I went through each and every magazine, cutting out every beautiful picture I found.  Above is one of the pictures that I thought would make a nice, elegant looking card.  I restocked my basket thanks to my friend's fun discovery.

Another pretty picture that went in my file.

The chocolate covered eggs that have been produced in another friend's kitchen for many years, ones that she is famous for, I discovered at my back door.

I cut one in half so that you could see for yourself what the delicious centers look like.

Really, I am convinced that it is not the gifts, it is the giver caring enough to say, "I care".  Whether old magazine issues, homemade muffins, chocolates from your kitchen, or a card with written sentiments, in the middle of a somewhat ordinary week, it is all part and parcel of  having a small part in making others lives happier.
I want so much to bless others, like I have been blessed.

I read a well written post on Tuesday, March 22 on "Wrapped and Ready".  Suzanne did a great job on expressing her sentiments in regards to giving.  I thought as I read the post, that we think alike in this aspect of life.  She just did a better job in expressing her heart.  The blog is ""  I recently discovered her blog and enjoy my visits there.  You may want to pay her a visit.

Thanks for visiting here today.  You all are blessings to me!


Connie said...

Happy Happy Belated Birthday!
Sorry I missed it! Should be back to blogging soon. We are in the middle of a move.


Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Your 'little somethings' are always a treat! You pass along your good ideas and inspire us to give 'little somethings' to those in our lives. Thank-you!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Happy belated birthday, Judy!

You always share the most delightful gift giving ideas with us, and I'm sure your friends appreciate all you do for them too, to have been given such wonderful gifts! Years ago I had a subscription to Victoria and I know what beautiful photos those older issues contain. You will have a lot of material for your cards. The chocolate eggs and pretzels look delicious!

Thanks for a new blog recommendation --I look forward to visiting Suzanne.

Miss Debbie said...

You have friends who know you well...what a sweet blessing!

Brenda Leyland said...

oh what fun! And to find those magazines. Thanks for sharing glimpses of photos you loved. Turns out we loved them too.

And thanks also for the link to Suzanne's blog. We look foward to reading the posting you recommended.

Wishing you lots more joy-full moments............

Cherry's Jubilee said...

Happpy belated birthday to you! Now I want chocolate, drats..none here. hugs, cherry

Sassy Granny ... said...

Oh nooooooo; I missed it! How did that happen?

Well, Happy Birthday anyway. How like you to leave us a "little something" on YOUR day.

Huge hug,

Privet and Holly said...

Hello sweet friend!
A little birdie
sent me your way....
I smiled when I
read this post, as
I had to give away
all my old Victoria
mags before one of
our moves that was
a downsize....I was
so happy when the
publisher revived it ~
{although between you
and me, I think the
older editions are
much better : ) }.
Thank you for your
lovely mention. I think
you summed up giving
just beautifully!
Hugs from one giver
to another....
xx Suzanne


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