Monday, June 21, 2010

We were away over the weekend and I did not get to post this Father's Day post. I thought this morning I would share my brief tribute to a very special dad.
I was born when he was only twenty years old. That seems so young to me now, but I felt like I always had a young dad with only twenty years separating our ages.

I learned so much from this man, and not a day goes by that I don't think of him or something that reminds me of him. He was so free to give me compliments(as only a dad could with this hairstyle) whenever we were together, and even though I acted like I didn't like them...I did. Remember that all you dads out there.

He taught me how to be a good and involved grandparent. Now that I am one myself, I often think back to the many things I remember him doing.

He taught me mostly by a quiet example. For some reason I learn best that way. His humble, yet strong and at times stubborn spirit, still creates in my heart, a lasting admiration for him.

My husband and the rest of his sons and son-in-laws learned many valuable thought processes and lessons from him. He always had time to listen to them.
It has been thirteen years this July since he was here with us.
I miss him so much, but I know I will see him again someday. Thank you dad for everything.

Since my husband and I were away this past weekend, our youngest daughter decided to share her Father's Day surprise(and surprise it was), with her dad early this morning. This was the first time in her 22 years with us, that she got up quite early(5:00am) to be exact, and made her dad a cooked breakfast. Well, actually she made one for each of us, and it was delicious! She now is working at a lovely bed and breakfast in a neighboring town, and after watching the chef create this breakfast entree, she decided to attempt it on her own.

The bread cups were formed in a muffin tin, the eggs dropped in, shredded cheese added on the top, and put in the oven to bake. She cooked the bacon and created the fruit cup. It was a fun, and totally unexpected way to greet a Monday morning. It has restored my faith in motherhood:) They do learn, even if it takes longer than you thought.

From the grandchildren, he received this special card which he will probably display for a long time. You see, he loves to think that they do actually think that he is a " so cool grandpa."

With their little hands and the tree in their backyard that dropped it's acorns, they created this Papaw sign for him. This too will be on display with his treasures.
This Monday morning, I am so thankful for these two wonderful men in my life.


debi said...

Judy it's amazing how similar our Dad's sound, really! I'm glad you shared about him, it allows me to know who you are :-)

Love Being a Nonny said...

Those are such simple...yet sweet things! Perfect day!

City Girl Country Heart said...

Wow, what a perfect day :)
Happy Summer !

Happy@Home said...

The pictures of you and your Dad are so sweet. This is a lovely tribute to a wonderful man. It is a special blessing to have known a father's love.
I am impressed by that beautiful breakfast your daughter prepared and how sweet that she did it as a surprise.
The gift and card your husband received from his grandchildren are so precious.

Country Dreaming said...

Sounds like a great time for all.

Happy Tuesday.


Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Beautiful tributes to to fine men, Judy. I lost my Dad when i was only 19 and missed him so much throughout the years. I'm so grateful my husband was such a good Dad and now "Nonno" (Italian word for grandfather) to our grandson.

That was a lovely breakfast your daughter made for you and your husband...and such a sweet card and gift from the grandchildren.

Miss Debbie said...

Sweet post about your dad. Sweet breakfast from your daughter. Sweet ideas from the grands!!

Connie said...

Dads really are special! Love seeing your photo together and love your hair...we watched a couple videos this weekend and my hair looked just like that!

You are blessed! Connie

Barbara said...

Awwww, I loved Dad so much and thoroughly respected everything about him. I feel a sadness on father's day that I don't have him here to celebrate the day with and honor him for his impact on my and my husband's lives.
If you can hear, "We love you Dad!"
Loved the pics of him! Thanks!

Queenmothermamaw said...

Yes Judy there is quite a difference in your childhood and mine, but that is so true of life. I am not bitter about my dad, just took a long time to understand his life. I am always inspired by someone who shares good or bad. I do not want sympathy, these blogs are just a means to truly note our feelings in some situations. After all this is my journal and will be in book form soon. Thanks for your visit. Thank goodness our children have a wonderful dad.

Landis said...

I remember your dad so well! Tall, dark and handsome. :) I remember every Sunday our family would sit in the pew behind your parents at church. He always had a warm smile for me and a kind word to say. He is missed. I look forward to when we will see him again someday!

p.s.- Love the photos of you and him!

Charli and me said...

Judy this is such a wonderful and heart warming post. I enjoyed reading it. Your daughter is a gem. The breakfast looked delicious. Your little grands are just the best!


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