Friday, June 11, 2010

Finding fun pieces at flea markets, Salvation Army stores, dollar stores and clearance shelves.
Beautiful fresh, colorful flowers from the garden.
Votives, candles, and oil lamps.
Decorating with all of the of the favorite pasttimes to take part in.
Carolyn Roehm, is a designer whose work I admire so much. She decorates with flowers, vegtables, fruits and berries. Her books are exceptionally gorgeous. She creates arrangements in baskets, wooden boxes, crystal bowls, and whatever else she so desires.
In my fun, simple, amateur way, I enjoy the same type of things she does. For me it is more fun decorating my dinner tables, hallway tables, and porch table with nature's bounty than cooking the meals that I serve. Makes you want to come for dinner doesn't it? :)
On this Friday evening I thought I would share a few of my creations over the last few weeks.
All were done with pieces that I already had on hand, or purchased from the above mentioned places. God grew the flowers.

One square glass pedestal plate. Seven little glass vases(salt shakers, old ink bottles, shot glasses, and whatever I can find). I set all the different containers on the pedestal plate and fill them with small, delicate flowers. Here I used a variety of pink and white petunias.
Add some glass votives with tea light candles...

...and an old lace doily. Centerpiece complete.

A benefit of using petunias is that they remain fresh looking for a few days.

Another aspect of my decorating fun, is using these "liquid marbles". I purchased this jar at the local dollar store. These unique marbles can be used over and over again. They add pizazz to many of my arrangements.

Here I used them in my gold glass hurricane container. I poured some of the liquid marbles and water in the bottom cavity of this container. Cut two beautifully opened pink roses leaving only short stems and stuck them into the bottom cavity. I set a glass votive with tea light candle behind it to give it a glow. I like the simplicity of this piece.

Sometimes a few additions to a glass piece like this is all that is necessary.

Another centerpiece I used, is when I took my white flowered bowl, filled it with water, added some of my red hybrid impatients with leaves and some white floating candles. Actually, since I did not have floating candles, I used the tea light candles with the tins removed. Works just great!

This glass piece I had for many years. I set this on an old mirror, added an oil lamp pillar candle that I have had on my closet shelf. To jazz it up, I added some varied sizes of glass decorative marbles, a few red roses in a vase, and my glass laced votive holders. I think this is one of the ones I like best. It sparkles at night on my table.

Thank you for allowing me to share one of my pasttimes with you. Whenever I go anywhere, I am always on the lookout for inexpensive treasures to use in displaying my flowers or fruits.
I appreciate the many aspects of this hobby and all that I can learn from talented, creative ladies like Carolyn Roehm. She does have a beautiful website you can visit if you would like to see real, true artistry in action.
I hope you can find a few minutes to pursue something you really enjoy doing, this weekend


Shelley said...

I know I always say this, but I love this too! These centerpieces are beautiful! YOu always give me such great ideas!!

Christine said...

It just goes to show that it doesn't take a lot of $$$, just some thought and lots of talent.
Thank you for showing us your creativit. It's wonderful.

Love Being a Nonny said...

I have Gardenias in a bowl. Going right now to float some tea lights in the bowl....THANKS!

Sonja said...

Well Judy, you absolutely inspire me! I LOVE doing something for very little money and using what we have around. You do it so beautifully.

My only problem is that I love to do the table, and can think of so many neat ideas, but I don't really want to cook and serve a meal with it!! Do you think my guests would come to just see the table?? :)

Just a little something from Judy said...


I most certainly would come even if you didn't serve a meal. How about a cup of you do coffee? That is all I would need. I bet we could sit and talk for a long time, with a pretty tablescape and some hot coffee. Food is secondary:)

Tracy said...

Oh, the creativity always abounds. I love the elegance and simplicity of all your arrangements. Especially love that these beautiful ideas were done with very little money...and yes, they make me wish I could come to dinner at your house! ; )

Miss Debbie said...

Really lovely ideas! You are very creative!

Country Dreaming said...

You do such a nice job. I like the variety of things you use for
your tables.

Have a nice Sunday.


Corners of My Life said...

Such simple ideas yet such beautiful displays. You do have an eye for decorationg . . .

Sassy Granny ... said...

In the Dictionary, next to the word "resourceful", is your picture! It's all I can do to keep from running over the nearest 2nd Hand Store or Goodwill to see what treasure (in the rough) I can find. I'm afraid I'd be there all night.


Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

This was a bit of a surprise to me: I never knew petunias lasted as cut flowers. Last week I needed a filler flower or two for an arrangement and decided to try petunia blossoms until some other flowers would open the next day. I was shocked that the petunia lasted several days! What had I been missing all these years? And then here comes your post with petunias as cut flowers. Isn't it funny what we assume is common knowledge and yet it actually isn't?

(I had gardenias in a bowl at our hotel this weekend. Sometimes I really miss the flowers of the south.)

Charli and me said...

I love fresh flowers and candles too. I love all of your beautiful designs.... Sooo prety ♥


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