Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What "Brown" Did For Me

I have never received such an adorable UPS package. This is my daughter who lives way too far away. She and her husband hosted a halloween party on Saturday evening. Since he had previously been employed with UPS Company, he dressed as a UPS delivery guy and she as the box. Seeing this picture made me miss her more than I already do. Judging by her pictures, it was a fun and festive party.


Ashley said...

I feel so honored to have been featured on the blog.:) I wish I could just have crawled in that box and mailed myself up there. I miss you and everyone so much! Christmas will be here so soon. Hope you are enjoying your day with the kids. I'm sure they are loving spending the day with their maw maw!:) love you!

Ashley said...

(This is Matt) Why didn't you put me in the picture? I am offended.


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