Thursday, November 20, 2008

Our" Five Senses"...What Treasured Gifts.

" Taste, See, Hear, Smell, and Touch"...five senses we were given at birth. Five gifts I often take for granted in life's daily journey. This week, I have been reflecting on what an amazing privilege these gifts provide. Without them, the pictures posted today, would not be near as exciting. With them, I am still smiling. Another mouth watering," fruit tart"...

...and this "raspberry-hazelnut torte". Our daughter is becoming a pastry artist, creating desserts like I've never done. The "sight, smell and taste "kicked in immediately, as she walked through the door. As I am entering this posting, I have to think of two ladies in my life, who lost the sense of "taste", and how painful that was for them. So many aspects of life, I find myself taking for granted.
True artistry, created by The Master Artist , and captured from our back porch, one morning recently. How grateful I am for the gift of "sight", this Thursday morning. This also causes me to think about a dear lady I heard about, who has lost her sense of "sight", and how desperately she misses it. Today, may I be reminded of the value of the five precious gifts that I was given, to help add more interest and fascination, to my journey of life.


Reynie said...

So yummmy! Makes me want to lick the computer screen and that is just not a pretty site.

Deva said...

What a gorgeous view!!!! It looks like something out of a magazine.


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