Friday, November 7, 2008

How To Jazz Up A Kitchen Sink

A few years ago, a friend gave me detergent in a glass bottle. to set by my kitchen sink. Many times since then, I have thought of that dear friend, while standing at my sink scrubbing pans. The bottles can be purchased in any department stores, kitchen shops, and Walmart, where I found these for a few dollars. The one done above was filled with clear dish liquid soap. The colors and embellishments, are endless. I try to fill with a soap color that matches the recipient's kitchen. The embellishments that I use, are only for the initial giving. I have also given this bottle with a new dishcloth wrapped around it, or a scrubbing brush tied to the side with a ribbon.

This is the particular one that sets by my sink. Since it is Fall, I used the orange color. I have the bow and the berries on, just for a festive feel. At this point you are probably questioning what type of person I am, to decorate my liquid soap bottle? It gets worse...wait till you read my poem.
This one I used the teal colored soap and really jazzed it up, with a strand of pearl garland. I am sure that my friend who receives this, will remove the pearls before using. Now, I am going to share the short poem that I made up to give along with each bottle that I give. In my mind, it simply completes the package. This is my poem; "Here is dish liquid soap in glass, To bring to your sink, a touch of class. To add pizazz to the daily chore, Of scrubbing pots, pans and more. As you use it , throughout each day, May thoughts of the "giver" come your way."


Sharon said...

So clever! I like it. Thank you.

Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

You are SO full of GREAT ideas!!! I'm going to try this one for sure!!

Sheryl said...

can't sleep, i am reading through your past posts! this just cracks me up. you can even give dish soap and make it classy!!


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