Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I discovered some of my daisies had opened today.  A few daisies in the midst of an abundance of buds.  I still marvel at how the plants go from some brown sticks, to these beauties each year.  So amazing!

And of course, I had to bring a few in and fill a few of my old tiny jars.  Winter just does not offer this type of beauty.  Welcome June, it is so good to have you back again.

Since we were away this past weekend, I decided to serve this treat to my husband last evening, for a belated Father's Day treat.  He was thrilled and ate the whole thing:)

Yes, it was another new dip recipe and he asked me to make sure I don't loose the recipe.  Actually, he was most impressed with it.  I really do wish I could remember which blog I found the recipe on, but since my computer mishap, I lost that type of info.

But, I do know it is quite simple and yet, very delicious!

Equal parts of white chocolate Cream Cheese and Marshmallow Fluff.

Blend well.  Strawberries are in abundance everywhere in our county right now.

The combination of fresh, ripe, strawberries and this dip, is worth sharing this evening.  You will thank me if you taste it, and when you discover for yourself, how good it tastes.

A fun idea would be to make a trip to a consignment shop, buy an old, pretty plate, fill it with this dip and strawberries, and you would have a perfect birthday gift for a friend.

Last evening, I took this picture from my front porch, because the evening was gorgeous.  Bad storms hit our area unexpectantly earlier in the evening.  Isn't that how life often is?   Things can be going smoothly, and then all a sudden a storm appears..  When that all happens, it makes me appreciate the hours and days after the storm, even more than I did before the storm hit.

Flowers and fruit pictures again from me.  You are so kind to stop by again.  Thank you!


Stacey said...

Stop the presses! Your new banner picture is stunning! You reminded me that I wanted some wire plant this year and I don't have it!!

Your strawberries and fluff look yummy. :)

Lovella ♥ said...

Judy. the dip sounds ever so yummy! Your view in the evening is so lovely. I have such fond memories of the lovely summer evenings there.

Happy@Home said...

It is always amazing to see the beautiful flowers return each year. You have created such a pretty vignette on your table with the little vases.
I'm so glad you shared the idea for the dip. I'm going to a summer concert on Friday and plan to take some with us. Looks yummy.


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