Friday, April 13, 2012

She was the cutest little girl.  She always showed her artistic side, even when playing as a child.  She baked cupcakes and made cards.  She is my neice and now she is all grown up, a wife and mother.  Aside from all her many duties in those roles, she also is continuing on in her artistic skills.  Today, I am sharing just a few of her latest creations.  I share these because everytime I wear one of her flowers, I get asked, as to wear I purchased it?  She gave me permission to show you some of her work.

Every flower is made with a pin and a clip on the back, making it easy to wear on clothing, clip in your hair, on a necklace, on a package, or wherever you need a dash of color and pizazz.

This black and white flower would add a nice touch to any white outfit.  Add a pair of black sandels and you are good to go.

Bright colors are what is shown everywhere this summer.

Think how this bright colored flower could jazz up a simple cardigan or denium shirt and a pair of jeans.

She adds so many special details to each piece.

Another popular summer color this year.


I picture this lovely flower on a black tee shirt paired with white jeans, and maybe a pair of bright blue flip flops.  Or it could dress up your little black dress for an important event.  After all, this is one of summer's hottest colors in 2012.  Shop in your closet and just add a touch of color to what you already have.  That is my philosopy.

Yes, she even makes these pretty flowered headbands. 
Her website is...    You might want to visit and see more of her work.

Black and white is always a wearable combination.

She takes old picture frames, paints them, adds her flowers, and some cork.  Perfect way to dress up a wall and share messages with those in your home.


Generously, she offered to give away this flower. 

 Just leave a comment on my blog for Jackie, telling her that you like her creations.

We will draw a name on Tuesday evening.

You will be able to spice up some of your summer outfits with this lovely peony. I think it would look good on a white top, or a denium jacket, and a pair of black capris, or whateve you choose.  I wish you could see it in person.  This picture does not do it justice.

I thought you would enjoy seeing her flowers.  Thanks for stopping by.


Debbie said...

Oh your right, they are all soo pretty! I especially love the head bands. Very creative and talented. I am off to check out her sight. Have a good day!

Jeane` said...

She is an amazing gal, that's for sure! I love wearing her pins. Please don't consider this an entry, just an admiring comment from your daughter, who likes both this post and your new header (I can't believe you put a new picture's been what? one whole week since the old one!!) :) Love ya!

Laura said...

Wow, they are absolutely beautiful, I also love the headbands.

Crickit said...

These flowers are all so beautiful...I am going right now to check out her site! :)

lindsey said...

I cant imagine the time and patience that must go into making these beautiful blessed you are to have so many talented members to your family!

debi said...

I'll say she has a talent ! I'm going to check out her sight. My little Khloe will someday have hair :-)
Glad you introduced her to us...


Kathleen said...

I KNOW it's in the DNA. I just know it! Talk about a family of creative charm :)

Chad, Linds and the Twins said...

I would love to comment on your wonderful blog and post! Jackie's flowers are so beautiful!!

Christine said...

Talent just oozes from each of your relitives!
It's fun to see all the different and creative talents that each one produces.

These flowers are very fun!

Mandy Hoober said...

They are beautiful! She does a great job!

Judy G said...

They are so pretty!! Is this Julie's Jackie?

Judy said...

Jacquie makes amazing flowers! Like the others can tell creativity 'runs' in the family.

kgoldsmith said...

I think I want to buy one of each!!!

Love them!

corners of my life said...

A very talented youn lady!

Sharon said...

Jackie's creations are amazing and I would very happily wear one! :)

Sharon said...

Jackie's creations are amazing and I would happily wear one! :)

Happy@Home said...

Jackie has a real talent for creating beautiful flowers. They are all so unique and pretty and I like the way they are photographed on branches. I also think you have provided some really nice ideas for how to wear them.
There truly seems to be no end to the talent in your family, Judy.


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