Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Fresh fruit, oh how I enjoy it's sweetness and nutrition.  I cut up fresh strawberries, peeled and separated clementines. added blueberries, cut crisp red grapes in half, chopped peeled apples, and drained two cans of peach chunks.  Yes, I did forget to add the banana slices to this combination.  I know that  everyone has their favorite versions of fresh fruit salad.  This just happens to be our choice.

I like Yoplait Light Blueberry Yogurt with Nature Valley Granola on top.  I mix the yogurt with Light Cool Whip.  I add a dollop on top of fruit and sprinkle with granola.  This is a simple creation, but it is one of our favorite dishes.  I shared it just in case you needed a new idea for serving fruit.

I had my eye on this beautiful cut glass pedestal bowl.  I had seen it in an antique mall in the country, months ago. I was so surprised when I received it for my birthday.
Here is one of the ideas that went through my mind when I first saw it.
What a pretty centerpiece it made when I added water and floated a few fresh flowers and candles in it. 

Favors for the get together...tiny crystal goblets left over from our daughter's wedding and filled with a few fresh flowers.
For the young children attending...plastic ice cream cones filled with bubbles and a wand, from the Dollar Store.  I tied faux flowers  and a name tag to each one.

This pretty bouquet of ranaculas was a gift and now sits on my kitchen counter.

We lived as neighbors for many years.  Our children were young and we were busy moms.  Recently, we all got together, in a rare visit.  Now our children are grown, have their own children, and together we all sat around our kitchen table.  One thing not present, was any lull in our conversations.  Laughter however, was in abundance.

It is rare to have double sets of twins in a gathering like ours.  Here are our friend's daughters that we were privileged to meet for the first time, and we couldn't help but love their pretty smiles.  My twin grandsons were taking their afternoon nap at the time or I would've shared a picture of them too.

Life continues to bring some unexpected gifts of joy, in the everyday of living our lives. I try only to share joy on this blog.

Thanks for stopping by.


Love Being A Nonny said...

Love the fruit ideas! Thanks!

lindsey said...

This is a beautiful post Judy. Your table looks so pretty and I love the sound of your fruit desert. How special for you to receive the glass dish you had had your eye on :) and great fun to be together with old friends and to meet new members of the family...beautiful young girls.

Happy@Home said...

Your fruit salad not only sounds delicious, but looks so attractive with the pansy on top.
That is a beautiful cut glass bowl and the candles and flowers look so pretty in it. A perfect centerpiece for your gathering.


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