Thursday, April 26, 2012

I read something recently that has stayed with me ever since.  It was in the  book "The Art of a Fresh Start" by Glenna Salsbury.  I would like to share  what she wrote about her father;

"My father spent most of his career as a life insurance agent in central Illinois.  He was a born salesman.  He could visit with farmers, bankers, insurance company presidents and the local postmaster with equal ease and aplomb.

Also, he was a born philosopher.  Our family lived on top of a hill that overlooked the Illinois River Valley.  As a young adult my favorite moments were spent in a lawn chair perched in the grass, sipping a freshly brewed mug of coffee, musing about life with this congenial patriarch.  He had insights about the big picture that continue to influence my life.

One Saturday night, under a full moon, with crickets chirping and fireflies twinkling, I asked my dad what his purpose in life was.  I was having some philosophical struggles of my own about then.  He laughed gently at my seriousness, but his response was heartfelt.  "My goal is simple.  Each day I want to make people glad they saw me."

That was it, plain and simple.  His focus wasn't selling insurance policies, it was lighting up peoples' lives.  He even had a standing offer to any Illinois State Police officer.  "If you recognize my license plate and stop me, I will buy you a cup of coffee and a steak dinner, anytime, day or night."

What a profound and yet so simple purpose in life..."making people glad they saw me."
Everyone wants to know that they make a difference.
One area I pray that this simple purpose will show itself in my life, is with the precious little ones that surround me on a weekly basis.

One thing that I know for sure, is that this could be said about the guy on these two pictures.  His grandchildren would undoubtedly claim that they are thrilled every single time they see him,(their grandpa). 
And, they are sad to have him leave them after being with them.  This little guy copies his moves and is thrilled when they are dressed alike.

"Each day I want to make people glad that they saw me"... Think if we lived this way.  Think if we treated our family, children, and grandchildren with that type of purpose in our day...think what a difference that would make in daily life.

From their early years, until now...we as grandparents are creating memories and teaching by example. Life is going by so quickly, as you can see from this early picture, and the little ones are growing up right before our eyes.  What a challenge...what a blessing!

I am thankful this evening for the books I am privileged to read that challenge me and get me to think, and also, for the many people in my life that... I am happy, to see as often as possible.

Thanks to Glenna Salsbury for her profound little book.



LDH said...

No doubt, as I read your posts and see the sweet photos you share, of the loving relationship you and your husband have with your precious kids and grandkids as well as those that come into your lives.

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Wouldn't the world be a more wonderful place if everyone had that attitude?

Your grandchildren are adorable! Just like you...

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

We should each live our days like that...making people glad thy saw us! What a happy world this would be. Thanks for sharing your bits of encouragement via your blog on a regular basis! It's always a happy place to visit.

Debbie said...

What a wonderful story and testimony to one's father and about one's father. My parents divorced early, I spent little time with my dad, and he's gone now. I still wonder who he really was and how my life might have been different spent with a dad at home. I'll never know. But because of my experience I purposed not to have my kids raised the same way. I can't say they were always glad to see us though! :D

Just a little something from Judy said...

Debbie, Your comment touched my heart this morning. I must tell you that my post is just a goal of mine, and that I too can't say that ours are always glad to see us either, especially the twins. Their mother is their best friend and they sometimes cry when we pick them up. Fortunately, it is only for a few minutes, until they realize just how fun we are:) At least that is what we tell them.

Thank you for sharing your a bit of your story.

Happy@Home said...

That is a wonderful thought. I'm so glad you shared it and I plan to keep it in mind as I go about my day today.
Your photos made me smile this morning. It is easy to see that these little ones are glad they see grandma and grandpa and I know you are glad to see them.

lindsey said...

Thanks for this lovely post Judy and the reminder of how we could aim to live our lives. I can also say the same about my Dad, he was the best! but sadly I lost him together with my grandmother in a car accident when he was only 53 and I was only 24. But the memories that we hold of him are only happy memories. Sadly I cant say the same about my husbands father but thankfully we can all experience the Father heart of God!

Kris said...

Such wisdom in those words! And how very thought provoking, for me this morning, as I am sipping my coffee, about to start my day!

Anneliese said...

I'm glad I "saw" you today. This is an inspiring post! Beautiful!

Christine said...

Yes, memories as a Grandparent is how I want to spend my time!

But I love the philosophy you shared with us, to make everyone he meets glad to see him.

Sassy Granny ... said...

Powerful! What a sweet reminder of our influence - - we grandparents. The world would be such a better place if everyone employed such a simple philosophy. We'd all be glad to see each & everyone.

Love the pictures, too!

Christine said...

I read some where that the eyes say it all. When a child comes to see you, look them in the eyes and let them know you are excited to see them. I do this everytime I see our grandchildren. What a special feeling to know that you, a child, are so important.

What I'm taking away from your post is to do that to everyone!


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