Monday, April 9, 2012

Good evening blogging friends!  Thank you for stopping by my blog.  My prayer is that you will find enjoyment and viewing pleasure with each visit here.

Warm, genuine hospitality is a great gift!  When one has the opportunity to experience it, one treasures the moment(s).  Yesterday, we spent the afternoon with our extended family, at the home of my husband's sister and family, on the porch of their old stone farmhouse, that I shared before on my blog.  We always look forward to time spent there. 

Her creative touches were everywhere.

As were containers of her pansies.

Just like at Thanksgiving, the roll of brown paper so cleverly covered the long tables, only now purple pansies, purple candles, and nests of egg candy lined the table.

What a gracious, giving couple!

Easter vignettes were clustered throughout the porch. 
I especially liked this one.


Little guys gathered at the old iron water trough, sharing the latest and watching the tiny fish.

The older guys relaxed by the fence catching up with each others lives, and watching the little ones doing their egg hunt.  I can't believe that these guys are so grown up.  It all happened so quickly.  I guess that is how it always is in life.

Older ones took time for the younger ones.  Time to ask questions, and time to listen for the answers.

Two more little guys find the old trough, and looked up at me while I took the picture, as though inquiring if it could be true, that they could really play in the water?  Life at the farm is so much fun!

Our oldest daughter, my husband(her dad), and her oldest daughter enjoying a moment on the porch.

Wow!  So handsome with his white shirt and tie!

My oldest daughter and her family in a picture that was captured hastily before lunch.  Thus the informality of this wonderful group of people.

Later in the afternoon, we visited my brother and sister-in-law's home for dinner.  Once again, warm hospitality was extended to my family.  I did not take pictures of our time here, because quite simply, I was too tired, but I did want to share her gorgeous centerpiece.  The bright red and yellow tulips made a colorful statement, and the greens from their garden, were a clever way to create a runner down the center of the table.  I learned that this was my brother's idea, and I must admit, it looked beautiful!
Another delicious meal was served to us.  We felt so blessed!

We celebrated our dear neice's birthday on this evening also, with a sweet, little egg cake.

I thought you might enjoy seeing a few moments of our family time this Easter.

We are so grateful for the memories.
Thank you for stopping by tonight.
I do hope you hold some special memories of your Easter celebration, in your hearts too.


Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

It looks like you and yours shared a most memorable Easter 2012! And I think you enjoyed sunshine as well. Thanks for sharing your celebrations with us!

Debbie said...

Everything at both homes was just lovely. Your right, such creative people. Your daughter is quite beautiful. Glad you had a good day! HUGS

a woman who is said...

Gorgeous family, lovely decorations, creativity runs rampit in your clan. I love those last minute photos just because when we can catch them all if only for a second we nana's must go for it!!!!

Glad you had such a blessed and beautiful day!

lindsey said...

Your celebrations look great. Your family are all so creative. I love the different aged photo's everyone enjoying each others company...that's what family get together's are all about.

debi said...

What a wonderful day for you and your family..celebrating the risen King!



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