Wednesday, April 25, 2012

When you are a little person and you live in a rather metropolitan setting, an afternoon visit to a farm in the country just happens to be an exciting adventure.  When the farm is set up especially for little people, it is even more memorable.

She was so interested in everything she saw, starting with the cows that she spotted on her walk in the long driveway.

You could almost see her little wheels turning as she stood looking at these chickens.  How could we explain to her that the red thing was the chicken's comb?

The tiny chicks were also intriquing to her.

This friendly goat stood proudly in the pen watching our every move.
What an attractive way to deal with chin hairs.  Might give those who deal with that curse, an idea as to how to handle those pesty hairs:)  Each time the wind blew through the barn, the clump of dark hair blew in the breeze.  It still makes me smile when I remember it.

Can you remember the first time you spotted a peacock?  She stared for a long time at the uniquely colored bird.

When she came to the field with the horses, she strained to see through the fence.  So much so infact, that her mother was concerned that her head would get stuck in the rails.

It was a fun afternoon for our little granddaughter, and for those of us who were with her and loved watching her enthusiasm.


Hopefully, she will experience more farm events in her life.  I believe kids learn so much by spending time with nature and animals.  I know I did in my life.

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Rach said...

Looks so fun! You can tell she loved it. Can't wait to take my daugther to a place like this.

Not sure if you saw on my blog, but Avalyn is in 1st place with her Swim Buddies over at Parents Magazine. Would you vote for them?
They are really cute! :)

Kris said...

Such a fun adventure!!!

Crickit said...

How fun! Your granddaughter looks like she had such a fun day at the farm. Love all of your pics!

p.s.phyllis sews said...

Sweet pictures of a sweet little girl enjoying a day at the farm! I did not get to grow up on a farm but I have always enjoyed "Country" because it does allow you to slow down and enjoy life more!

Sassy Granny ... said...

Seeing the world through the eyes of a child is like being one yourself. Their curiosity is matched only by their exuberant drama over the smallest new discoveries.

Thanks for sharing this. I almost felt like I was there too.


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