Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The weather is cool and overcast.
For some reason that puts me in a "clean out the closets" mood.
As I was doing this chore, I discovered this framed poster from years past.
When I stood holding it in the closet that day, so many memories flooded my heart.
The year was 1995.  It was our oldest daughter's junior year of highschool. 
She had landed the honor of lead role in the highschool's yearly drama performance.
Aside from a few lines in past plays, she was a novice when it came to acting.

Fast forward to the first night of this big performance.  She borrowed her aunt's business suit and her dad's briefcase as props for her part.
We pulled into the parking lot on that Friday evening, and I must admit, as her mother, my stomach was in knots...literally.  I learned that with the lead role, she had 90 some lines(maybe more) to memorize, and I had never seen or heard her practice the weeks prior. Never!  I often asked her, "are you practicing your lines?" 
She always informed me, in her ever confident and independent way, that she had it all under control.

That evening of the play, the parking lot was full, and I was walking into the auditorium, totally lacking confidence in her ability to carry out this huge chore.
I remember it well, I had the worst headache of my life!
I sat and prayed feverishly, throughout the entire performance.
You know what?  She did an outstanding job!  Her dad and I were totally amazed at her talent!
That was the last of our doubting whether she was capable of another performance. 
It was definitely one of those moments in a mother's life, that I will never forget, and that is why it is easy for me to relay it all to you today.
Mothering certainly does present some interesting, memorable occasions in this journey of life...right?

Congratulations dear daughter, on an outstanding job as "Our Miss Brooks"!
I remember it well!

They had not tackled the job of putting together this big floor puzzle for quite a long time.
Today they said, "it was too hard, they couldn't do it."
I said, "they could"!
They did!

You see, in my older age of life, I have learned that when one puts their mind to something, accomplishing that task just might be possible.  Whether it is memorizing lines and acting in front of a large audience, or putting a big, floor puzzle is possible with hard work and determination. I've also learned, that failure at a task, is not the end of the world.  As our wise mother stated to us hundreds of times throughout our childhood, "if at first you don't succeed, try, try again."  So, with success or failure, mothering is truly a learning process.
It has taken me a long time to learn some of these things, and I hope this might be a bit encouraging to you young mothers out there in blogland.   Try cleaning out closets, it can lead one to all sorts of past memories.


Sassy Granny ... said...

How wonderful! What fun to hear your joy at discovering the myriad capabilities of both daughter & grandchildren. I recognize the "aha!" of it all, having discovered competencies in my own children/grandchildren that might otherwise have gone unnoticed. I think our eyes grow keener with age in this regard, though dimmer when it comes to reading.


Country Dreaming said...

What great memories for you.
Trying can lead to success,not trying can lead to frustration.
I tell my students "Say I'll try NOT I can't." They are always amazed when things work out.


lindsey said...

I don't know about being encouraging to young mums, this old Mum is pretty encouraged too...Thank You!

Our eldest daughter was always into acting too...this is why she has been able to minister to children and teenagers so well I think. I never remember seeing her learn her lines either...but it always turned out well. They clearly have been gifted from God. Have a great day!

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Now that brought back memories...of our daughter in her high school theatrical productions. Also one who could pull it off without seeming to practice!

I like the old sayings, like..."If at first you don't succeed, try, try again". Or..."I think I can...I think I can"! Young or old...we all need that encouragement from time to time.


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