Wednesday, October 19, 2011

This post falls in the category of..."unexpected surprises".

We(the grandchildren and me) were playing outside one evening, in the last few weeks.
This little one came to me, urgently wanting me to come into the kitchen.
I couldn't imagine what she wanted.
She took my hand and quickly led me inside to my kitchen island.
There laying on the corner, was this single pink rose with a very short stem.
Thankfully, I had my camera close by.

She shyly took it in her hand, and said, "here Mawmaw, I picked this for you."
My heart skipped a beat, as I was so touched by this sweet, thoughtful gesture.

She took it with both hands, and presented it to me.
She instucted me to put it in a vase.  I set it by my kitchen sink, and she was quite pleased.

Can't tell you how much this tiny, unexpected happening meant to me, especially coming from this little one.
You see, she is the one that adds so many "interesting" aspects to our daily lives.

For example, recently for a special treat, I bought them each a kid's meal at the local McDonalds.  This is a rare occurence in our home, so they were quite excited.
As we were sitting at the table eating, I was involved in a conversation across the table with her brother and sister, not noticing what she was doing.
She had taken the top half of the roll off of her cheeseburger, stuck her french fries into the burger as candles, and presented it to me, singing "Happy Birthday", at the top of her little lungs:)
What creativity on her part!
I never thought of using french fries as birthday candles, did you?

Another episode happened at a local park.  The running paths had workout stations.  This particular one had wooden carved men placed three in a row, in a laying down position(possibly in push-up position).   She quickly bent down to see this guy's face:)  

 Tiny, unexpected, blessings that add touches of joy to daily life.  What are some of yours?


Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Too sweet! I love the McDonald's burger-turned birthday cake. Very creative...and caring.

Brenda @ It's A Beautiful Life said...

Unexpected surprises... we like those too!

Great photos you've shared... loved the one where the little one is peeking into the carved face.

I love to think that our Papa God is as touched by our child-like offerings 'just for him'.

The french fry candles are ingenious! She's cute AND smart!

A surprise for me? Maybe it was finding all the neat comments on my recent posting of rambles. They make food for thought for other postings now....

ajwatson722 said...

Love this! What a sweet little girl...who I am also blessed to call my niece! You are such a good Mawmaw to see those special "unexpected" moments and treasure them!

Melanie said...

Very sweet and how creative your little darling is!
That hamburger/fries BD cake? Precious!

Christine said...

She is so precious!
Her personality matches her cute looks.
She loves her Grandma and it shows.

Connie said...

She is so precious and love her memaw so very much! Blessings my friend!!


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