Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Remember the two elderly sisters that I have talked about over the years?  The ones that have huge flower gardens and a simple roadside stand where they sell their flower arrangements?  Well, today I stopped to say  "hi" and "goodbye" to them, since their season of growing is almost over.  They were so excited to show me one of their newest creations.  A teddy bear in a twig basket.  I must admit, thinking this was an unique arrangement for them, since they usually have only fresh flower bouquets.  At first glance, I did not realize what the teddy bear was made out of.  Do you?  It is made with a newspaper form(which one of them made without a pattern) and covered with the Burdock plant.  I had not seen these brown prickly things since I was a little girl, on my grandpa's farm.   I clearly remember how annoyed I was when these clung to my socks back then.  Who would have thought that someday, years later, I would have a teddy bear covered with them, in my house.  How interesting.

The bear is holding dried  "Chinese lanterns" from their gardens.

They also had bunches of "Japenese Bamboo" and "Silver Dollars" from the "Money Plant."

Did you ever hear of the Silver Dollar plant?  I know my grandma had some of these growing in her garden, long ago.

I liked the pink color of these dried "Japanese Bamboo" branches. It was their first year to grow this plant and they were so happy with it.

I think the two dried bunches looked nice, placed in a white ironstone pitcher on the shelf in my dining room.

Three plants that have been around for a long time, grown by two elderly, talented ladies,  make up this post today.

It is not too late to comment for my giveaway on Thursday evening.

 Happy Wednesday to you!


GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

Sweet and gifted ladies to grow and sell such beautiful flowers and arrangements. The shelf in your dining room is so beautiful!

Jeane` said...

I like what you did with those Silver Dollars! And what a beautiful 'neutral' color wall in your dining room!!! It showcases that shelf so much better than those dear little dogwood blooms!

Judy said...

How have a Teddy Bear made of burrs. What creative women they are!

I used to have a silver dollar plant...but have not seen it anywhere in years.

Lovella ♥ said...

OH my goodness..such clever ladies they are. I don't think I'll go looking for those "stick on to every thing" burrs though to recreate.
I have been tucking drying gardens items into my white jugs too.

I haven't ever had a silver dollar plant nor a japanese lantern either. .but I like them.

Christine said...

Wow! I'm really impressed with their creations!
I love that basket, too!
Can you imagine having a flower stand with your sister?

Vicki Huyard said...

Dear Judy,
Loved reading your blog today. What memories I have of those dear roadside stands. Something we miss very much living here in the Ozark mountains of Arkansas. Not sure how I cam across your blog a year or two ago but have enjoyed it ever since. Blessings to you,
Vicki Huyard
PS I really miss Thursday morning bible study too!


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