Saturday, October 29, 2011

The petunias and hydrangaes are still blooming.
It is only October and this is what our Saturday looks like.

We are happy being inside for the day, although it definitely is not what we had planned.
Life is so often like that.
Interrupted plans...but we adjusted with
cups of hot chocolate,
watching football games...
and playing with our precious little granddaughter.

We did take a drive and discovered snow beauty everywhere.

We changed our plans when we realized how snow covered the roads actually were.
We just can't get it into our heads that we are having our first snowstorm.

When we thought about our daughter coming for the weekend, we never thought about her helping with the snow removal...maybe leaf raking but not snow removal.

It is now almost 4:00 pm and it is still snowing and showing no sign of stopping.  The trees on our property are bent down lower than we have ever seen them, with the heavy snow.

It is soon time to clear the driveway for the second time:)


Christine said...

That is amazing!
The picture with the colorful tree with snow, very pretty.

Brenda @ It's A Beautiful Life said...

I just noticed the same weather over at All Good Cats....

We've just got lots of chilly wind, but the sun shines today with blue skies. Funny how it skipped over us here in the northerly parts to where you are!

Wishing you safety and cozy moments inside! A good day for hot chocolate or cider!

Happy@Home said...

I was just listening to the news and heard about Pennsylvania being hit the hardest by the snowstorm. I instantly wondered about you. I can't imagine that much snow at this time of year. It sounds like you have made the most of it at your house. There is always something so magical and beautiful about the first snowstorm of the year.
The photo of your granddaughter looking out the window is so sweet. She has the most beautiful eyes. Every time I see her picture on your sidebar I have that thought.
Glad you are visiting with your out of town family and I hope the weather doesn't hamper any travel plans for them.
Stay warm and safe.

Country Dreaming said...

It is funny how Fall weather can be.

Take care!


corners of my life said...

Hoping you escaped the damage I have been hearing about on the news. I love he photo of your little one peering out the window!

debi said...

Low 80's here :-(
Would love some of the cold for today's football.
So glad for your surprise visit!!

bjwatson said...

Hi, Judy, this is Matts grandmother, Betty Watson just wanted you to know how much I have enjoyed keeping up with your family on this site. Thanks for keeping me informed. Hope to see you sometime.

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

What a surprise...a very pretty one though! I'm having a hard time even imagining a snow storm from where I am sitting right now.


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