Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Valentine's Day will soon be here and these little ones love their newest little cousin. This week when they were at our home, they spoke often of their cousin. They always want to see pictures of her on our computer, which gave me an idea that might help them.

I told them I was going to make copies of her picture for them. Immediately, they ran to the copier to wait. For some reason they are so intriqued by this machine. I love seeing their anticipation over something so simple as watching the copied pictures coming out of the machine.

Three copies of this little one's for each of them to have for their very own.

Simple pleasures can bring such joy. This small happening is proof of that.
Tonight we are in the midst of yet another snowstorm. It is beautiful!


Happy@Home said...

The looks of anticipation on their faces is just precious. You thought of a simple, but clever idea to let them see their cousin. So sweet.
My husband is currently in PA and told me about the snow you are getting. The photo in your header picture looks so warm and cozy and I hope you will also be warm and cozy during the snowfall.

Busy As Can Be said...

I love watching my grandkids wait...or not being able to wait!

Country Dreaming said...

Those little faces as they wait
were too cute.

There is nothing like those simple pleasures.

Enjoy the snow.


corners of my life said...

The anticipation on their faces is priceless ~ amazed at something we so easily take for granted.

consume me... said...

So cute! I do wish that they could hold on to such simplistic wishes as they grow up...before you know it the wonder of the simple is gone! You're a good grandma and they obviously enjoy spending time at your house!


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