Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I picked the small book up at the grocery store book display. The title caught my attention.
"If Only I Knew" title got my curiosity, because my personality is always wanting to know, and I wanted to see what this (book) was about. Here is what I read in the first few paragraphs;

~"Someone once said that "life is short, so keep short accounts with God." That is wise advice, but I'd like to add that one should keep short accounts with every person who is in the circle of our lives. We never know when life will be dramatically changed...sometimes permanently.

Think about it. Don't allow the regrets of "if only I knew" to be the final marker of your life. Be swift to love. Hurry to be kind. Take the time to make someone feel special. Freely give hugs and kisses, and may "I love you" be often on your lips."

A few pages later, "If Only I Knew...

that I was powerless to change other people,

I would stop trying

and been free to love them

for who they were,

flaws and all."

And as I read through more pages, I came to this, "If Only I Knew...

God gives us a lifetime

to become the person

He wants us to be.

I would have been more patient

with myself...

and others."


Powerful little book filled with thought provoking words. It provided me with a new prayer for my life after reading it. Life is filled with many unforeseen happenings, and our relationships are some of the most important. I want to live celebrating my family and friends, letting them know just how special they are to me.

If you need a small gift, you might want to chose this book;

"If Only I Knew" by Lance Wubbels


Miss Debbie said...

Wise counsel! Sounds like a neat little book!

Lovella ♥ said...

Judy . .thanks for those words. We never hear this too often and the reminder will settle in my heart through this week.

lindsey said...

Sounds like a great book...lovely photos too:)

debi said...

Judy I love your heart!


debi said...

Judy I love your heart!


corners of my life said...

Such powerful little messages. I have someone in mind who could use this book. Thanks.

a woman who is said...

That was an excellent reminder of some great principals to live by.
Sounds like a great book to track down.

The grands are looking adorable!


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