Saturday, September 5, 2009

Labor Day Blessings

It is the time of the year again. Time to make my visit to the farmhouse along a busy road, with a barn on one side of it and the gorgeous flower gardens on the other. I have been visiting this farm for the last five years. Living on this farm are two older sisters. For years they took care of their mother, who also lived in the farmhouse. She passed away two years ago, at the age of 104. The flower gardens were planted years ago to raise the necessary money for them to care for their mother. The ladies are sweet, artisitcally talented and very helpful. I looked forward to my time with them last evening. They told me that they did the flowers for many weddings this summer. A new field for them to venture into, but I can understand why they would be asked to be a wedding florist.

They raise some of the most beautiful lisianthus I have ever seen. This is one of my favorite flowers and I am thrilled to have purchased this bouquet from their small glass enclosed display in the front of their farmhouse. Bouquet cost...3.00(with basket). I requested permission to take pictures of the other arrangements for sale, and of their big, colorful flower gardens, but due to their religious beliefs, they declined my offer.

I am sharing three pictures of this small arrangement, because I hope you can see the lisianthus up close, along with all of the other creatively added flowers from their gardens. These two sisters never went to design school, they don't study floral arranging on their computers. In fact, they due to their strict religious beliefs, they do not even have electricity in their home or on their farm. So you see, it is just plain artisitic talent that they were born with. I hope they continue this practice for many years to come. I never leave disappointed with my purchase.

I know that I posted this arrangement last year, but I thought it was worth showing again. This is the lisianthus cake arrangement that the same ladies created last year for me . I thought it was an unique and clever way to incorporate this same flower.

Displayed on the mirrored tray on my dining room table, this faux cake was the perfect was to show my favorite Lisianthus.

Last summer I took 8 vases to these dear talented ladies. They created 8 centerpieces for me, to use for a special dinner party. I was so pleased when I went to pick them up, especially when they charged me 3.00 for each centerpiece. I know it is difficult to see how they looked individually, since they were carefully packaged in a padded box. But, I thought you would enjoy seeing the many types and colors of flowers they grow. You can imagine how pretty the tables looked with these flowers from their gardens, and clear votive candles surrounding them. Just thought I would add more pictures of these sister's artistic abilities, from a simple setting on their farmhouse front porch where the arranging of these flowers, is done.

As my husband and I drove home from our visit to the farm, here is what we saw ahead of us. This amazing Indian Summer weather, with a full moon to close out our day...what could be better on this Labor Day Weekend!!!
I am wishing all of you my blogging friends, an enjoyable weekend!


Sassy Granny ... said...

Simply (literally) lovely! I don't often think of flowers where Fall is concerned. Obviously there's a world of color co-existing with soon-to-be-naked trees and shrubs.

The song, Shine on Harvest Moon, is now playing softly beneath my conscious thought. Also lovely.

A blessed Labor Day to you too!


Sharon said...

Judy, there's a dear lady whose flower "shack" I visit periodically throughout the summer. I'm really wondering if we may purchase arrangements from the same place! Is she by chance, near Terre Hill? :) If not, there's a sweet flower expert in her own right that lives near there who does great arrangements. I don't know if there are sisters there, but the one lady that I have met makes is a true example of natural talent indeed!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful indeed. I loved the story too. I am not familiar with the flower lisanthius, may not have spelled it correctly, but you know which one I mean. Yes a beautiful moon last evening. HH and I enjoyed it on our back deck. Happy holiday to you and yours. Blessings

Just a little something from Judy said...

Sharon, no this place is not near Terre Hill. The farm I am talking about is on Rt. 322. It is always the two sisters who working together, but I would love to visit the flower "shack" you mentioned also. Love to see true talent at work. Thanks for sharing this info.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

You've given me an idea for a big red compote bowl. I love your beautiful centerpiece! WOW!

Happy@Home said...

A blessing indeed!! Each of your flower photos are beautiful. The colors are put together so nicely and the price is unbelievable. I also enjoyed hearing about how these 2 ladies began their business. A very interesting story. How nice to have them so close to your home.
The moon photo is lovely too.

Judy ~ My Front Porch said... beautiful! Thanks for sharing your bouquets with us...on this Labor Day weekend. I am wondering why I am unfamilair with lisianthus...and think I may have to look into that!

Have a wonderful long weekend.

Grand Occasions said...

Hi Judy!! Did I read that post right? Are you expecting twin grandbabies? If I did, congratulations and keep me posted. Speaking of posts, I hope to get back at that sometime in October. Back to back weddings this month. Just thought I'd say hello and let you know I've been putting my adorable apron to very good use. Talk to you soon.

Life is good! said...

wow, amazingly beautiful! i am sure they are even more incredible in the real!

LisaShaw said...

Absolutely beautiful!

I so enjoyed my visit with you today and I pray it's a wonderful weekend for you and your family.

Loved that moon photo as well.

Love ya.

lindsey said...

I have really enjoyed reading through your beautiful posts since I returned from my holiday. Your daughters look lovely, you are right to be so proud of them. And what beautiful flower displays!

Diana said...

Beautiful pictures! Blessings to you on this day the Lord has given us.

Lauren said...

Beautiful! Just beautiful.
i'm piecing a puzzle together here said Rt. 322...and mentioned no electricity b/c of religion...are you talking Rt. 322 in the Lancaster area? If you are, I'm amazed...we are kind of neighbors. I live in the Lehigh Valley....


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