Tuesday, September 8, 2009

It Is Time...

...to put away the summer, and usher in the Fall. Out of the attic and onto the coffee table came this Fall arrangement. I could not wait any longer to add the touches of this, my favorite season, to my home. I enjoy lighting the tea light candles in this green glass and iron stand candle holder

Two of these beautifully painted Fall tea towels were a gift to me a few years ago. I hang one of them on the handle of my oven, and display the other one in different locations in the kitchen.

Gift from my daughter last year, only because she knows how much I enjoy this time of the year.

The first Mums of the season, given to me by my neighbor when she came for dinner on the porch, last evening. She bought them from the roadside stand up the street, and added the vibrantly colored ribbon. It looks so beautiful sitting on my table.
I have enjoyed seeing all of the many touches of Fall that have been showing up on the blogs I visit. I do not do lots of decorating for the different seasons of the year, but I sure do enjoy seeing how many of you out there in blogland, do. I can never get enough of Fall's many colors, smellls and tastes.


lindsey said...

I love the tea lights and what beautiful flowers!

Stacey said...

Hi Judy! I am ready too. It's hot here now...hotter than last week. I'm going to ignore that and bring out fall anyway. I was thinking this morning that several of my pot plants outside no longer look pretty. It's time for them to retire and make room for pumpkins and mums.

I agree with Lindsey that your tea lights are so pretty.

Bethany said...

I LOOOOOOOVE mums!!!!!!! and Lancaster County has the best...and the best prices! I miss those roadside stands. I was traveling all over south central PA cleaning for Keystone Custom Homes so you can imagine I had many favorite stands to stop at on my way home!
I love fall...the weather...the smells...the colors...the decorations...the food!!! so excited about this new season!
love ya

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

I find this page a little hard to turn...but the fall colours are the most beautiful! You are my inspiration to begin thinking 'fall'.

shelia said...

What is better than pumpkins and candles...Love Love Love this time of year...guess if we add a little mulled cider life would be just about perfect!

Now if want to go up in the attic and get all my fall stuff down :)

Happy@Home said...

Between the (slightly) cooler weather and the beautiful inspiration in blogland, I too am ready to bring out the fall decor. Yours is looking very pretty. The tea lights will make everything so cozy as the days get shorter & cooler. I love the pumpkin from your daughter and the mums from your neighbor. How thoughtful.

Sassy Granny ... said...

I know I've probably said this before, but I'm a "Fall Girl" - through and through! Your post has me thinking about adding some new touches this year.

Confession: I began sneaking pumpkins and scarecrows out early August. Here in Arizona people look at me like I've gone bats. I just grin.

Happy Fall!

Marty said...

I share your love for fall - it has the most vibrant, warm colors and the cooler weather always is a welcome. My favorite weather is 'do I need a jacket or not?'

Empty Nest Full Life said...

I plan to add some fall touches tomorrow. Yours are wonderful. Fall is my favorite time of the year. Jackie

Linda said...

I love the changes that all the seasons bring! Fall brings a feeling of crisp, fresh weather, plus new beginnings with teaching another "crop" of first graders. I love your tealights! Over Labor Day I drove around the bend and bought some yellow mums to brighten my front porch. That's all the decorating I've done so far!

Lauren said...

I'm with you! This is absolutely the best time of year....I just love the crisp air...and the way the trees kind of rustle when the wind blows. Last week I went and bought a fall scented candle which I've lit every day this week. The spicy smell alone makes me feel like autumn is upon us. Now you've inspired me to go find my decorations!!

I'm off to the attic!! Thanks for the inspiration!

You've inspired me to


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