Tuesday, January 29, 2013

 I cleaned and organized my one cupboard recently.  Well, actually I have done more than one of my kitchen cupboards. This particular one is all of my empty jars...quart jars, pint jars, and jelly jars.  I washed all the jars in hot, soapy, vinegar water, then dried them and put them in storage.  As I was drying them I realized how pretty some of them were, so I placed them on my crystal pedestal holder, added some tea light candles and I had a table centerpiece.  Who would have thought that jelly jars could look this good!

Tonight we were served this amazing dinner!
The salad was exceptional!

The sauteed salmon tasted so good, especially with its marinade, and the sauce served with it.

 The sauce was orange marinade and lime juice.  It was a keeper recipe!  The flavor of it was delicious!

 Salmon, roasted sweet potatoes, and broccoli...what could be better!
What a great cook our sister-in-law is!  Neither of us will forget it!

I like sweet potatoes made any way. Actually, if I would be asked as to what is my favorite meal, this would be it.  Salmon, sweet potatoes, broccoli and salad.

What would you say would be your favorite meal?

As a famous chef once said, "one eats with their eyes before they eat with their mouths."  So true!  I am sure you are all hungry from looking at this colorful looking, healthy tasting food.

Thank you for stopping by.


a woman who is said...

mmmm that meal does look delish!

debi said...

Would love the marinade recipe and the salad ingredients.


Judy said...

So true...that we eat with our eyes first! I would quite enjoy a meal of marinated salmon and sweet pot's sometime soon. How nice to have such a yummy meal prepared for you.

lindsey said...

I love jars and yours look so pretty. We often have salmon and salad but have never tried this marinade ...looks tasty!

Debbie said...

Oh I KNEW we were kindred spirits! By far my favorite meal too, AND! we have it at least once a week. I enjoy the Salmon barbecued best I think though! Enjoy your day!

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Jelly jars make such pretty candle holders. I like tucking tea light candles in them and placing them around the garden beds outside out front when we are expecting visitors in early evening.

Anneliese said...

Sounds like the most delicious meal!
I'm debating on going to get some salmon today after reading this...
and I love sweet potatoes or yams.


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