Thursday, January 24, 2013

 There are an abundance of delicious tasting granola recipes in the blogging world.
I have tried many of them and have saved many of the recipes.
But, yesterday I found one that used four of the ingredients that I wanted to use...

~melted coconut oil
~100 % maple syrup
~raw honey

The recipe I discovered that did all that was shared by Pamela Salzman.
You can find it too, at ...

 Each time I opened the oven to stir the mix, I found this, and could not wait to taste it.  As with every recipe, one can adapt it to one's own personal preference.

My variation;  I used chopped, roasted almonds, and some chopped walnuts for the nut part of the recipe.
I cut up some dried cranberries that my friend gave to me.  She informed me that there is a big difference between craisins and dried cranberries.  After tasting the ones she gave to me, I totally agree.
I chopped a few of them and added them as the dried fruit part of her recipe.

This recipe will definitely go into my file.  A healthy, easy, and so delicious granola recipe.
Thank you, Pamela, for sharing it.

 One idea I may use in giving it as a gift.  My old canning jars come in handy in many ways.
Thanks to my friends who purchased a big box of them for me, at an old farm auction, years ago.

Or, just putting some in a clear, cellophane bag.  I think anyone would like receiving a bag of homemade goodness.  Add... fresh fruit, some milk and lots of hot coffee:)...instant breakfast.

Happy Thursday to each of you!


lindsey said...

This looks delicious...what great gifts, you have packaged them so well. My daughter in South Africa uses coconut oil and tells me I should too. Is it expensive in USA? Its seems like it is here in the UK. But I expect it lasts a while.

Happy@Home said...

This sounds and looks delicious, Judy. Your first photo is so attractive with the red placemat and strawberries. What a cheery way to begin the day.
Once again you excel at thinking of pretty ways to create gifts for others. I appreciate that you share these ideas and also the recipes. I have recently started using coconut oil in my cooking. I look forward to trying this granola.

Judy said...

It looks yummy...and so nicely presented. Winter is the perfect 'granola season'!

debi said...

Going to have to give that a try, sounds great! Love seeing how you put your little gifts together :-)


Melinda said...

I am sure that those who receive this will love it!

M :)

Kelli said...

What a wonderful gift Judy! I love the wonderful granola you made for your giveaway and have made it since...did not taste a yummy as the one you made though.
Have a wonderful weekend.


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