Monday, November 12, 2012

It was another Saturday afternoon excursion.  I had two of granddaughters with me.
We visited a local country village in the heart of our county.  It was bustling with activities and many people, especially since it was Veteran's Day weekend. 
Off to the side were several horse and carriages, offering 35 minute or 55 minute rides through the countryside. 
I thought this would be a new and different experience for the girls and for myself, so we opted to take a ride.  

This is carriage that we were assigned to, and our guide and driver, Mr. Ben.

Interestingly, we were the only ones who chose the 35 minute ride, while all the others chose the 55 minute ride.  It was just the three of us and Mr. Ben, who boarded the clean, comfortable carriage.
I could see anticipation and apprehension in the faces of the two little girls.

But, soon after the ride started, they relaxed and were wide-eyed with excitement.  Mr. Ben was the best guide for our excursion.  He was a local, retired, dairy farmer and a grandfather too.  In fact, at one point on the ride, we waved to some of his grandchildren standing by the road, waiting for him to go past.  That was an extra blessing on our ride.

After 15 mins. into the ride, Mr. Ben offered the girls the privilege of driving the carriage for a few minutes.
One of them was happy for the opportunity and the other was content to stay right where she was seated with me, directly behind the driver seat.
It was obvious, the youngest one was enjoying every second of her drive.

Her little hands clasping the reigns of the horses, with Mr. Ben's supervision.  I wonder what he thought of the tiny bright red, painted fingernails:)?
It was pointed out to us as we rode through this particular part of the countryside, that there were no overhead wires, since those living in the area do not use electricity.  The whole experience was so peaceful and relaxing. 

For many on that Saturday afternoon, it was a routine work day...fields to be plowed, hay put away, laundry to be hung out to dry...but for the three of us, it was an "out of the ordinary 35 minutes" of stepping out of our surroundings and into the lives of some special people, via a horse and carriage.

I am sure none of us will forget our scenic ride. 

Hopefully, you had a few memorable moments in your weekend too!


Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Extraordinary...and what a fun adventure for your grandgirlies! Lovely photos of a quiet and peaceful place.

Love Being A Nonny said...

What a fun afternoon! They will NEVER forget it!

Sonja said...

oh I can just picture this Judy! What a great idea and what fun for the girls, as well as for you. You captured the ride perfectly! It would be fun to take that ride when the snow is falling, all huddled in warm blankets! Mr Ben wight not be so keen on that. :)

corners of my life said...

These little girls are so blessed by the experiences you give them.

lindsey said...

I have just been catching up on your posts that I have missed while I was away. I love to visit your blog and the last post with the buggy ride with your granddaughters is great...I can just imagine how my granddaughters would love to take that ride...and how I would too!

Happy@Home said...

This looks like a very special outing for you and your granddaughters. What a fun idea!
As always, it looks so peaceful in your area and the vision of your little grands waving to Mr. Ben's little grands is so precious.

Anneliese said...

I loved those scenic rides (in our car)_when we were there last year!
It's truly amazing - the beauty of simplicity!


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