Monday, November 19, 2012

 It has been a busy week and I have been delinquent in posting and visiting my blogging friends.
I can not believe that it is already the week of  the Thanksgiving holiday.
It is my very favorite holiday of the year.  Celebrating with family and friends is more of a blessing than I ever realized in my younger years. 
Yesterday, once again we gathered at the old farmhouse for an early Thanksgiving dinner.
I wanted to share a few pictures of my neice's kitchen window and the clever way she decorated it.  The kitchen sink underneath the wide windowsills provides the perfect place to display a beautiful fall colored vignette.  Washing dishes here seems like an enjoyable happening when one is able to look out of these ground level windows.

The adult table was tastefully done by my sister-in-law and her artistic ability to put together tablescape creations, using pumpkins, corn, leaves and candles.
Ground corn filled each glass jar, while a tea light added an extra pretty touch.

My sister-in-law and her sweet little granddaughter.  Here she looks relaxed and rested, even though she has just served a dinner to twenty five people.  How is that possible?
Another one of our neice's little guys finds the Thanksgiving meal to be a highlight, in that he can eat lots of ice cream and no one stops him:)
My handsome nephew and his newborn son.  We were so happy to welcome the little guy to our family celebration.
This year was the first year that my mother-in-law brought a Kindle to our dinner.  You see, she is just venturing into the technical world of sorts, due to the patient teaching skills of our oldest daughter.   I am so proud of this lady, that in her 80s she is learning some new skills. 
She is most happy to now know how to play Scrabble on the Kindle, with her grandchildren living throughout the United States.  I love seeing her determination to beat them at this game and then the thrill she gets when she acturally does:)  Right Matt?

Now, onto another subject.  Those of you who just might have been visiting ..."justalittlesomethingforyou" over the years, have learned that I do like thrift shops, flea markets, and antique stores.  You also know that I like lighting of all kinds and find decorating with lighting a festive way to add ambience to home and tablescapes. You also have learned the fact that I am a giftgiver, always was and probably always will be.  So...
in light of all those facts, I have come up with an unique giveaway.

I found a gently used but beautiful faux Christmas wreath.  I found some new, but purchased at the end of Christmas sale last year, tiny pin lights, and recently I purchased a unique strand of glittery Christmas stars at a lovely old mill gift shop in our area.

I put them all together, liked the way it look, showed the wreath to my daughters to get their approval, then decided to give it away on my blog(if of course, only if you do not care if you receive a gently used).  As you can see from the first picture, the wreath does have a center iron holder.  I set a pillar candle on it, a crystal bowl on it, a glass pedestal dish, and they all looked nice on it.  So, if you win this lit wreath, you can choose to set whatever you wish, as long as you can plug it in.

I think it would look nice to fill a glass pedestal dish like this one with a cake or cookies, and serve it over the holidays.  Or, you could put a glass hurricane lamp on the center and burn a pillar candle in it. 

I will include this red pillar, battery operated candle with the wreath, just in case you want to use it with the wreath.  That too was purchased at an end of Christmas sale last year, and put away until this Christmas.  It has never been used and does look nice with the wreath if you prefer that type of look.

All you need to do is to let me a comment about this post.  I am well aware that comments are time consuming and many of you do not have the time to leave them on a weekly basis, but just for this giveaway, leave a comment as to what you think of someone who chooses to give away a gently used gift(but please be kind:)

 The reason for this giveaway is, in light of the Thanksgiving holiday, to let each and every one of you who visit here, know how thankful I am for you.  I am thankful for what I learn from you, the inspiration I gain from you, and the friendships I have been given by knowing you all.  Blogging has been a journey I never pictured myself on, but contine to thank God for each day.

 We will draw a name on Wednesday evening, and ship it to you via my good friends at the postal store, wherever you may live.

Thank you for stopping by.


jem60 said...

What a beautiful idea and so thoughtful of you to give it away. I wish you a joyus holiday season.

Debbie said...

Well, first of all I LOVE your niece's window ceil. Soo pretty. And your hostess doesn't look like she had a stressful moment in her hostessing. And finally, I find a "slightly used" gift such as this just wonderful! Soo pretty. Enjoy every little minute of your holiday with your sweet family! HUGS

Brigitte said...

Judy-I have been following your blog for at least a couple years! I check it every day, but of course you usually don't post on weekends! I love your homey ideas, beautiful pictures, and seeing your sweet grandchildren grow! I have commented once, but please know you have a dedicated reader in South Dakota! Brigitte

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

You are the best gift-giver! Your blog has been such a 'gift' to me so much inspiration over the years. Your lighted wreathe is another great example of your creativity.

It looks like your family dinner at the farmhouse was a fabulous family time once again. Your family throws the best of parties!

(Please do not put my name in your draw, as I wouldn't want you having to mail it to Canada.)

debi said...

Love you clever idea....yet another one!
This followed the joy I just received after reading your daughters blog...winner winner am I.
You have given me more gifts than you will ever know...your kind heart, your wise words, and your ability to lead us all to stop and smell the roses.

Hugs and Happy Thanksgiving! For you I am thankful :-)

corners of my life said...

"gently used"?
two very happy words . . .

lindsey said...

I love your posts of your family gatherings. Your SIL certainly knows how to lay a table and decorate her home. I think if we had Thanksgiving here in the UK it would be my favourite holiday along with Easter. Such a cute little baby to welcome into the family too :)

Happy@Home said...

Your niece's kitchen window is just beautiful. I would find it a great pleasure to do the dishes there.
It seems there are many in your family who possess a real flair for decorating and gracious hospitality. I agree that your SIL looks very relaxed in the photo. A very lovely photo of she and her granddaughter, by the way.
How wonderful that your MIL is enjoying Scrabble on the Kindle. Seems a very nice way to keep the older generation and the younger generation communicating with one another.
Your giveaway is gorgeous and in my opinion encompasses "just a little" of everything we have come to appreciate about you. I think the lucky person who wins it will be reminded of your talents and generous giving spirit. As for the gently used part, as a fellow thrift/antique shop lover I can only think it adds greatly to the charm.
Wishing you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving.

andrea chiu said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and for inspiring us.
Keep it up and continue on what your doing. Visit my site too.


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