Monday, November 5, 2012

As you are well aware, tomorrow is the election day that has been talked about, debated over, dissected, and polled over for the last year.
My personality tends to be one that puts its head in the sand until it has all past.

Oh, believe me, I will go with all the others to the polls to vote.  I consider that one of the greatest honors in living in America.  My voice can be heard, and I feel strongly that everyone should take that privilege seriously.  But, then for all the debating and speculating, I just do not want to hear it.  It seems like it has all gone on forever, and still no one knows the final outcome of this crucial election.

I have no idea what is ahead, but like Martin Luther said," I know not the way He leads, but well I know the Guide."

With the reality of that quote in my heart, I will go through my day today, doing the next thing that needs to be done(whether that may be cracking walnuts from the neighboring farm:), or whatever is on my to-do list of the day.


Debbie said...

Good morning! I am with you on your thoughts of the election. I have soo much to do today! I guess it will be one thing after the other until it's done, haha...Enjoy your day!

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

The daily chores go on regardless of the state of the nation! Thankful that it is a lovely season to live in during all the political trama that surrounds us.
Your little nut cracker is adorable! I want a red head grand too some day!

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

I love that quote! And I love your little nutcracker. I had to share that one with my hubby...since it brought back so many memories of my mom-in-law cracking nuts like that (on newspapers...on the floor...with a hammer) with her grands when they were small.

Lovella ♥ said...

Oh I love your little nutcracker!
Yes...we will all be happy up here when things settle down politically for you. We are praying for your nation.

lindsey said...

I am so like you in all this election stuff...over here in the UK I go and vote but I cant be doing with all the dissection of it all. My mind is full of too many other things and I like to leave it to those who know more than I do. I love the nut cracking photo, do I see a little fake tattoo on his hand? Our twins love those and had them up their arms when they visited last week :)

Just a little something from Judy said...

Yes, Lindsey, it is a little fake tatoo on his hand from a birthday party that he attended:)

Sassy Granny ... said...

Since I voted by Absentee Ballot a few weeks ago, it's been a good day for domestic doings at my house today. I've got a berry crisp baking in the oven, while cornbread waits to follow it. I've caught up with my laundry, and look forward to a relaxing evening. I'm sooooo over all the campaign blather.

I'm also so glad (and assured) that God sets up & dethrones kings. Come what may, we can rest assured His purposes are advancing.

I think you've chosen, like Mary (versus Martha), the better part.


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