Monday, November 14, 2016


Thanks to our friend Dan, we were told about a great location to watch the rising of last
evening's super moon.  We were there when it appeared, and we watched in
amazement, as it began it's rapid assent.

And, as the darkness began to set in, the scene became more beautiful!  The countryside
started to light up, and seemed to come alive.

I could not believe how close my zoom lens, brought the super moon!  We were
spellbound!  The first super moon since 1948.

I looked down for a moment, and this is what I saw on my left, a garden of blooming

And, on the road below me, on my right side, this is the sight I saw.  A lone horseman,
slowly taking in the super moon in his own style:).

From the same location on the hill, where we were observing the rising of the moon,
I turned around and saw the most magnificent sunset.  All of these pictures were
captured from the same location.   Breathtaking beauty!
A memorable gift from God, on a Sunday evening in November.

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Anneliese said...

We missed it! Although I do remember taking pictures of last month's full moom... maginificent as it was; maybe it was leading up to this.

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

What great moon shots! Unfortunately our weather wasn't the best for moon-watching this week. Love the pic of lone horseman going for a moonlight ride.

lindsey said...

These are really great photos, we watched the moon whilst on holiday in Cyprus, we sat eating supper outside a lovley taverna right by the sea, the moon looked lovley shimmering on the black water against the black sky, nowhere near as big as the view you had of it though!

lindsey said...

These are great photos Judy. We watched the moon whilst on holiday in Cyprus, we sat outside a taverna with friends watching the moon against the black sky shimmering on the black sea, beautiful but no where near as big as your moon!


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